The US Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District is seeking interested business sources for a construction project entitled: Lucky Peak ODP South Robie Fence Installation. The work is located near Lucky Peak Dam on the Boise River, South Robie Area in Idaho. This will be a firm-fixed-price construction contract. The magnitude of construction for this project is between $25,000 to $50,000. 100 percent payment bonds will be required. All work will be required to be completed by September 15, 2021. Access to the work site is through private property. Dates of the Access Window will be negotiated within 15 calendar days of Government acceptance of the Contractor's Project Schedule submittal. This schedule will be used to finalize the Right of Entry (ROE) agreement with the landowner. Once finalized,

Contractor work at the work site will be required to occur within the agreed upon Access Window dates. The government expects to award a contract in April 2021. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this project is 238990 Fence Installation and the associated small business size standard is $15 million.

This sources sought notice is a tool to identify businesses with the capability to accomplish the work. This is not a solicitation.

Responses to this sources sought notice should include the following information:

  1. A list of at least three (3), no more than five (5), project examples that were completed in the last 10 years which demonstrate experience in removing and installation roofing material as listed in the Summary Scope of Work.

    1. For each project submitted, provide a brief narrative statement of the work involved, how it relates to the described herein and your firm’s role in the project, the dollar value, and the completion date.
    2. Include a statement detailing any special qualifications and certifications, applicable to the scope of this project, held by your firm and/or in-house personnel.
  2. A reference list for each of the projects submitted in A) above. Include the name, title, phone number, and email address for each reference.
  3. Provide a statement of your firm’s business size status (HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, 8(a), small disadvantaged, or womanowned) with regards to the NAICS code listed above.
  4. Provide a statement that your firm intends to submit an offer on the project when it is advertised.
  5. Provide a statement of your firm’s bonding capacity. A statement from your surety is NOT required.
  6. Cage Code and DUNS number.

This sources sought notice is for market research and planning purposes only and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to pay for information submitted in response to this request. Respondents will not be notified of the results of the market analysis and debriefings will not be available. It is the reader's responsibility to monitor the Government Point of Entry (GPE) via Contract Opportunities for any resultant or future solicitation package(s) that may be issued.

Submit this information to Chandra Crow, Contract Specialist, via email to Your response to this notice must be received on or before 3:00 pm on 06 January 2021.


Task is to install approximately 2500 feet of all-metal wildlife-friendly boundary fencing where none currently exists. Fencing was specified with input from Idaho Fish and Game Department and Walla Walla District Natural Resource Management professionals. Generally, fencing is a two-strand fence at 24" and 38" above ground level using smooth twisted wire suspended on t-posts. Bracing will likely be of pneumatically driven galvanized posts, rails, and trusses. 20’ openings in the fence will be placed at gullies and ridgelines to facilitate game passage. The fence will be installed 3' interior to the boundary to allow for future maintenance access. The primary intent of this fence is to provide visual indication of Project boundary in an area of imminent residential development.


2.1.1 Barbless Wire

Provide barbless wire that conforms to ASTM A121 and is zinc galvanized, Type Z, Class 3, and 12.5-gauge wire. Barbless wire shall consist of a strand of two wires.

2.1.2 Brace Wire

Provide brace wire that is zinc galvanized, smooth, and 12.5 gauge. The brace wire strand shall consist of one wire.

2.1.3 Studded T-Posts

Provide studded T-Posts conforming to ASTM A702, with anchor plate and length as indicated.

2.1.4 Steel Poles

Provide steel poles of Group IA, steel pipe, zinc coated (Type A), nominal pipe size (NPS) as indicated and be conforming to the requirements of ASTM F1043 and ASTM F1083.

2.1.5 Brace Bands

Provide brace bands to sizes indicated and zinc galvanized.

2.1.6 T-Post Fastening Clips

Provide 11-gauge, zinc-galvanized T-post fastening clips.

2.1.7 Wire Stays

Provide 9-gauge, smooth, zinc-galvanized wire stays.



3.1.1 Clearing

Clear the area on each side of the fence as necessary for construction. Sage brush is the primary type of vegetation located along the fence alignment.

3.1.2 Line and Grade

Install fence to the lines and grades indicated. Repair any damage to galvanized surfaces, including welding, with paint containing zinc dust in accordance with ASTM A780/A780M.


3.2.1 T-Posts and Steel Posts

Install T-posts and steel posts by driving them directly into the ground using mechanical or hydraulic means. Digging individual holes for each post is not required. It is permissible to adjust post spacing up to 1' in either direction along fence alignment if rocks or other obstructions are encountered in the field. Coordinate with the COR when obstructions are encountered that prevent the installation of posts at the indicated spacing.

3.2.2 Barbless Wire

Pull wire taut to provide a smooth uniform appearance, free from sag. Fasten barbless wire and brace wire to steel posts and T-posts as indicated.


Remove waste fencing materials and other debris from work site at the end of the project.

Fence alignment shall be located using a currently licensed Idaho Land Surveyor. Submit a copy of the Professional Idaho Land Surveyor License/Certificate surveyor who will perform this work. See Idaho Board of licensure of professional engineers and professional land surveyors for requirements.

Field verify all elevations, dimensions, and coordinates of existing features indicated on the contract drawings that affect new construction.

The Contractor shall furnish sanitation facilities in accordance with EM 385-1-1. The location of all facilities will be subject to Contracting Officer approval. The Contractor shall provide wind anchorage to prevent any spillage.

Prior to commencement of work at the site, the Contractor shall submit an Accident Prevention Plan and Accident Prevention Plan (APP) Checklist for the Contracting Officer's review and acceptance. Requirements and guidelines for preparation of accident prevention plans are specified in EM 385-1-1, paragraph 01.A.12 and Appendix A.

Prior to beginning each major phase of work, an Activity Hazard Analysis shall be prepared by the Contractor in accordance with paragraph 01.A.14 of EM 385-1-1 and provided to the Government Inspector. An acceptable Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) template is attached to the end of this Section. The Government will furnish an electronic file of the AHA at the pre-work meeting.

Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) shall be employed by the Prime Contractor and shall be at the work site at all times to perform safety and occupational health management, surveillance, inspections, and safety enforcement for the Contractor. The SSHO can be assigned as the Project Superintendent on this project. The SSHO shall meet the following requirements:

Level 2:

A minimum of 3 years safety work on similar projects.

30-hour OSHA construction safety class or equivalent within the last 3 years.

Competent person training as needed.

The Contractor's Project Superintendent shall be on the worksite during performance of work on this contract. The Project Superintendent is required on the worksite, at all times work is being performed, until work on this contract is completed and accepted. Assign a competent

superintendent as per FAR Clause 52.236-6 "Superintendence by the Contractor". Submit Superintendent name and contact information prior to start of on-site construction.

The Contractor shall take precautions to minimize fire hazards caused by work under this contract. All Contractor vehicles shall be equipped with a shovel, bucket, and an A:B:C fire extinguisher at all times during the performance of work on Government lands. All fire extinguishers shall have been checked within 6 months prior to commencement of work by a

certified fire extinguisher representative. A visual inspection shall be performed by the Contractor the first working day of each month to insure that extinguishers are properly charged, ready for use, and located properly. A record tag for verifying inspections shall be attached to each extinguisher and shall be properly maintained throughout the life of the contract.

Prior to commencing construction activities or delivery of materials to the site, submit an Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) for review and approval by the Contracting Officer. The purpose of the Environmental Protection Plan is to present a comprehensive overview of known or potential environmental issues which shall be addressed during construction. Define issues of concern within the Environmental Protection Plan as outlined in this SECTION. Address each topic at a level of detail commensurate with the environmental issue and required construction task(s). Identify and discuss topics or issues which are not identified in this SECTION, but which is considered necessary, after those items formally identified in this SECTION. The Environmental Protection Plan shall be current and maintained on site.

Contractor Quality Control is the means by which the Contractor ensures that the construction, to include that of subcontractors and suppliers, complies with the requirements of the contract. The controls shall be adequate to cover all construction operations, including both on-site and

off-site fabrication and shall be keyed to the proposed construction sequence. The controls shall include at least three (3) phases of control to be conducted by the CQC system manager for all definable features of work.

Miscellaneous work within the project includes the delivery of As-Built Drawings, O&M Manuals and Contractor- Prepared Shop Drawings of the surveyed area.

Contracting Office Address: Attn: CECT-NWW / 201 North 3rd Avenue / Walla Walla, Washington 99362-1876.