The US Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District is seeking sources to provide personnel, materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, supervision and other items and services for the following:  Air compressor, dryer, and receivers; SQ2 breaker, motor starter disconnect, and electrical panelboard.

The successful bidder shall be required to furnish all of the equipment and supplies specified below. The equipment shall meet the requirements specified below. The quantities shall be as specified or as indicated on the attached bill or materials. The successful bidder shall provide one day on site start-up service by a qualified technician and all other items as stated within this Technical Specifications document.  There are no drawings included with this Sources Sought, all drawings will be included in the solicitation.


The compressors shall meet the following specifications:

•           Sullair Model ST45009

•           Operating Pressure: 115 PSIG, 130 PSIG max.

•           Operating Flow Rate: 278 ACFM at 115 PSIG

•           Power Supply: 460 VAC 3 phase

•           Motor Rating: 60 HP

•           Rotary Screw type compressor

•           Filter: Canister, 3-5 micron

•           WS Controller microprocessor controller with sequencing

•           NEMA 12 controls and NEMA 12 full voltage starter

•           Water cooled oil cooler and air aftercooler, moisture separator with electric auto drain

•           Rated for continuous duty


The refrigerated compressed air dryer shall meet the following specifications:

•           Operating Pressure: 115 PSIG, 130 PSIG max.

•           Operating Flow Rate: 600 ACFM at 115 PSIG

•           Water cooled oil cooler and air aftercooler, moisture separator with electric auto drain

•           Power Supply: 460 VAC 3 phase

•           Compatible with Sullair ST45009 air compressor


The air receivers shall meet the following specifications:

•           Operating Pressure: 115 PSIG, 130 PSIG max.

•           Capacity; 660 gallons

•           Orientation: Vertical

•           Must be rated to according to the ASME BPVC

•           Drain for condensate

•           Inspection port


The electrical breaker shall meet the following specifications:

•           Meet standards of IEC 60947-2

•           Rated Minimum Operating Voltage: 690 VAC 3 phase/4 poles 60 hz

•           Minimum Rated Insulation Voltage: 1000 VAC 50/60 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-2

•           800 amp frame

•           Minimum Rated Short-Circuit Capacity: 42kA Icu at 690 VAC conforming to IEC 60947-2

•           Must come with compatible digital trip unit with adjustable settings for short time short-circuit protection, instantaneous shot-circuit protection, and long time overload protection. Digital trip unit must be mountable to breaker and accessible when breaker is installed into switchgear

•           Must be compatible to be installed into Square D Power-Zone 4 Metal-Enclosed Switchgear. Documentation from the manufacturer of the installation method is required.


The combination motor starter disconnect shall meet the following specifications:

•           Compatible with supplied compressed air dryer

•           Rated Minimum Operating Voltage: 480 VAC

•           Minimum Rated Ampacity: 50 amps

•           Complete assembly of disconnecting and protective devices in accordance with NEMA ICS 1, NEMA ICS 2, and NEMA ICS 6

•           Provide metal enclosure in accordance with NEMA 250

•           Thermal-magnetic breakers

•           A set of fuses and spares properly sized

The complete assembly will have independent functionality to perform disconnecting and motor starting operations using the following devices:

•           Control-power transformers with a 120 VAC maximum

•           Selector switches

•           Pushbuttons

•           Pilot lights


The electrical panelboard shall meet the following specifications:

•           Rated Minimum Operating Voltage: 277/480 VAC three-phase 60 hertz four wire

•           Totally enclosed power-distribution panelboard in a steel cabinet with an outer door or cover hinged on one side

•           Dead-front circuit breaker type with copper buses.

•           Conform with NEMA PB 1 and UL 489

•           Rated Minimum Breaker Ampacity of Main Breaker: 300 amps

•           Minimum of two 200 amp breakers and one 50 amp breaker

•           Provide panelboard with a point of location where grounding bus can be bonded to the enclosure

•           Panelboard as a complete unit will have a short-circuit current rating equal to or greater 10000 amps

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this project is 333912 and the associated small business size standard is 1,000 employees.

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION.  This sources-sought announcement is a tool to identify businesses with the capability to accomplish the work.  Firms who respond to this announcement by submitting the following information will be used in determining whether to set aside this requirement.  Please do not respond to this notice unless you will be responding to the solicitation; therefore, filling out the following questions:

1) Name of firm with address, phone and point of contact.

2) A statement of your firm's business size and type (Large Business, Women Owned Small Business, HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, 8(a), Small Business, etc.).

3) CAGE Code and DUNS number or a copy of your System for Award Management (SAM) information.