Sources Sought for Main Unit Breakers at Bonneville Dam

This announcement is a Sources Sought Synopsis (market survey). This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP). This announcement is not a commitment by the Government, implied or otherwise, to issue a solicitation or award a contract. The purpose of this Sources Sought is to determine interested parties and their socioeconomic status, availability, capabilities, and qualifications. The Government intends to use responses to this sources sought synopsis to make appropriate acquisition decisions for this and similar requirements.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District is seeking sources for the supply of main unit breakers at Bonneville Dam, including installation and commissioning services of switchgear lineups.


The scope of the project is the manufacturing of custom 15 kV switchgear, requiring a draw out circuit breaker, disconnect switch, and custom buswork, to fit within the allowable space that currently exists at Bonneville Powerhouse 1 on Elevation 65. A draw out circuit breaker is required in this instance to provide a double air gap isolation point, in conjunction with the required disconnect switch, to provide safe working conditions based on available fault current on the Delta and transfer busses.

A successful project will provide a metal enclosed switchgear rated and tested as an assembly per IEEE C37.20.2 and C37.20.3 consisting of:

a. 15kV Generator rated breaker per IEEE C37. 013, draw out, 3000 Amps, 95 kV BIL, 75kAIC interrupting capability

b. 15kV Disconnect switch per IEEE C37.20.4: 15 kV, 3000 Amps continuous, 195A Peak Current for 2 sec.

c. 15kV Bus, segregated Phase and Iso-Phase, and connections as needed to connect to existing bus connections.

The Portland District intends to make available the following government furnished equipment in support of this project:

                a. 19 Eaton 15 kV, 3000 Amp, 75kAIC Generator breakers

                b. 19 Eaton Mini-Mod Breaker Cassettes

Requirement complexities:

a. Space constraints. Existing Breaker locations are limited in depth, height, and width. The entire assembled switchgear assembly must fit within the space constraints of:

                                    Depth: 78”

                                    Height: 90”

                                    Width: 146” preferably less to minimize additional concrete work.

b. Available products in the marketplace. Portland District is aware of only one manufacturer of a withdrawable breaker rated for 3000 amp, 15kV, and 75kAIC.


To be determined capable of performing work similar to that described in paragraph 1. of this document contractors must demonstrate their familiarity and capability of performing electrical work in excess of 15kV and 3000Amps. Experience manufacturing 15kV switchgear and breakers in the above voltage and amperage is preferable.


A. General Information:

1. Point of Contact name, email address, and phone number.

2. CAGE Code and DUNS number.

3. In the event that you are a small business under NAICS 335313 or that of a similar size standard, state the category of small business, such as 8(a), HUBZone, Veteran Owned Small Business, Woman Owned Small Business, or SDVOSB.

4. Statement of Capability (SOC) addressing the following items:

  • Capability to perform design tests on custom switchgear built to IEEE C37.20.2 and C37.20.3; with all properly rated components tested together as a complete product.
  • Capability to manufacture isophase and segregated phase bus per C37.23.
  • Providing manufacturer Supervised field installation and testing.
  • Providing flexibility of switchgear design to allow for bus and switch location adaptability to fit differing configurations.


Submit technical inquires and questions relating to this sources sought in writing via email to Amy Solomon ( and Mitchell Johnson ( To ensure adequate time for Portland District to reply prior to the response due date, inquiries must be submitted no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the response due date.

Please submit documentation in the same order as shown above. Submit via email to Amy Solomon ( and Mitchell Johnson ( prior to the response due date.


The Point of Contact for small business questions or assistance is the Portland District Deputy for Small Business:
Carol McIntyre
Phone:  503-808-4602