Subject: Request for Information

“Technology Exhibiting Antimicrobial Activity to Target Prevention of Urinary Tract and Skin Infections

The US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command – Soldier Center (CCDC-SC) is requesting concept papers that address the prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs), vaginitis, and soft tissue infections to be proposed under the CCDC’s Broad Agency Announcement for Basic and Applied Research, Solicitation Number W911QY-20-R-0022 under section VI – Scientific and Technical Areas of Interest – Warfighter Systems Technologies, Topic Area  – Biotechnology.

The technology should target pathogenic bacteria that cause UTI and skin infections while rendering the commensal microflora minimally affected.  Of primary interest is  technology that could  be used  development of or is already in the form of a hygiene wipe for use by the Warfighter in the field to prevent the inception of infection. The technology should be comprised of a solution-based foundation that includes an antimicrobial agent, components to enhance stability as well as a wipe textile to serve as the technology platform.  The technology should be evaluated for; 1) its range of activity against UTI and skin infection causing pathogenic bacteria, 2)  activity against commensal bacteria, 3) propensity of microorganisms to develop resistance towards the technology, and 4) the stability of the agent over time.

Concept papers should include generalized information to initiate discussions for potential proposal submission for award of a multi-phased research and development contract. These papers should include a description of your efforts to develop  technology that targets the pathogenic bacteria that cause UTIs and skin infections as well as demonstrates minimal activity against the vaginal and skin commensal bacteria.  Any results arising from your efforts should be summarized and included in the concept paper to demonstrate the intended action and behavior of the technology.    Technologies in varying phases of development will be considered.  These may include an individual agent or agents that demonstrate activity against UTI and skin infection causing microorganisms, a solution-based formulation that incorporates the agent(s) with stabilizing additives to maintain robust activity during long-term storage, and/or a comprehensive technology construct comprised of the agent, solution components and a wipe textile.  Concept papers may also describe ideas or provide propositions concerning the development of the aforementioned technology.

Respondents should describe in their concept papers their technologies and identify how their technology offers a level of prevention infection causing bacteria.  Information may include, but is not limited to: technical test data (e.g. physical properties/performance characteristics), test methodology, level of activity against pathogenic bacteria, level of activity against commensal microflora, characterized thermal stability, status and specifications for manufacturing and production, any unique or proprietary construction requirements related to the technology, costs, relevant company background & experience, personnel, patents, a sample (optional), and any other information that the respondent believes demonstrates the value of their technologies and the ability to meet the aforementioned desired performance.  Firms responding shall indicate whether or not they are a small business.  Any information/samples submitted will not be returned.  If a firm chooses to submit samples, no payment will be made by the Government for such samples.

Concept papers may include a list of potential contract deliverables including, but not limited to: agent(s), active solution formulation and/or comprehensive technology developed into a wipe that targets prevention of skin and urinary tract infections by exhibiting antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria while not affecting the viability of commensal microorganisms for evaluation; technical progress reports and a complete scientific report detailing all development work and findings to include characterization of the agent and, when applicable, solution formulations and component identification and concentration ratios; processing techniques to achieve the final result of each delivered technology.  While there is no guarantee that ensuing solicitation will be issued and/or a contract awarded, currently, it is the government's preference and intention to obtain at least government purpose rights in all deliverables created, generated or produced under any contract effort.

This Market Research is not a solicitation as defined by FAR 2.101, and the Government is not requesting offers for proposals at this time.  This is a Request for Information and does not constitute a solicitation or request for proposal.  This is a market survey for planning purposes.  Responses to this request for concept papers are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract.  If a Request for Proposals is issued against the CCDC-SC BAA, the Government does not guarantee that it will be issued to RFI/Concept Paper respondents.  All information received in response to this request for concept papers that is marked proprietary will be handled accordingly.  Capability Statements, including attachments, are limited to ten (10) pages.  Responses should be submitted in MS WORD and/or MS Excel or PDF, including attachments. Interested sources shall include information regarding a firm's experience, personnel, and facilities.  Any information/samples submitted will not be returned, and no payment will be made by the government for such information/samples.  Any testing results will be controlled and used for governmental purposes only.

THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. No telephonic submissions will be honored. All product information shall be submitted at no cost or obligation to the Government.  Interested parties should respond by April 16, 2021.  Questions and responses to this notice are to be sent to Mr. John Player at or mailed to John Player, DEVCOM Soldier Center, 15 General Greene Avenue, Building 4, D-332 Natick, MA 01760.