The Contractor shall provide a quantity of one (1) Non-contact optical dilatometer/heating microscope with computer controlled software to operate furnace as well as gas programming, data analysis, and evaluation in accordance with the following minimum specifications:
• Furnace temperature capabilities shall reach a minimum of 1,600 degrees Celsius (C).
• Rotary vacuum pump shall be capable of reaching 10 -3 millibar (mbar) of pressure.
• Microscope shall have the ability to flow a minimum of five (5) percent (%) hydrogen gas through the system as well as include a hydrogen burn-off apparatus to burn the hydrogen gas after it exits the system.
• Computer controlled software to operate furnace and gas programming, data analysis and evaluation.
• Image resolution of less than (<) 5 microns (.000005 meters) during all optical configurations/measurement types.
• Two (2) year warranty on all non-wearing parts. “Non-wearing parts” are components that typically cannot be damaged due to user operations or parts that wear out over time.
• Training shall be provided at customer site located at U.S. Army Research Laboratory, 6375 Johnson Road, Building 321, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005.
• Turn-key hardware and software operation shall not require any licensing.