The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG) Belvoir Division is issuing this RFI as a means of conducting market research to identify parties having an interest in and resources to provide Logistics, Business Operations, and Contingency Operations Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) services in support of Program Manager Terrestrial Sensors (PM TS). This Request For Information (RFI) notice is for planning purposes only and does not constitute an Invitation for Bid, Request for Quotation, Request for Proposal, or as an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products or services. Your response to this RFI is to aid in market research only. No payments, costs, or charges by the Government will arise from a contractor’s submission to this announcement or the Government’s use of such information. The Government reserves the right to reject, in whole or part, any contractor input resulting from this request. No solicitation exist at this time, nor does this request constitute a solicitation for proposals or the authority to enter into negotiations to award a contract. The information provided, may be used by the Government in developing its Acquisition Strategy, Performance Work Statement, Performance Based Specification(s), and/or related Acquisition Requirement documentation.

Parties responding to this RFI are responsible for adequately marking proprietary or competition sensitive information contained in their response. Responses shall not include classified or proprietary material. Information with classified, “Proprietary”, Confidential or other markings limiting distribution will not be reviewed.   Telephone inquiries, responses, feedback, or evaluation of submissions will not be provided, accepted, or acknowledged to companies. . Information or statements contained herein are not binding upon the Government.


In support of the Business Management Division, Project Manager (PM) Terrestrial Sensors (TS) is interested in Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) Field Service Representative Support (FSRS) in various locations in Southwest Asia. This contractor services providing assistance to PM TS’s subordinate Product Managers/ Product Directors (PMs/PDs) such as: Product Director Aerostats, Product Manager Counter Explosive Hazards (PM CEH), Product Manager Force Protection Systems (PM FPS) and Product Manager Ground Systems (PM GS). This action will perform the following functions: planning, scheduling and managing the demand, forecasting and movement of material from receipt at the warehouse. Duties may include developing raw material requirements and scheduling requirements from engineering specifications and production schedules, as well as planning and managing material movement with purchasing, warehousing, and production.

Contractors must be able to comply with Host Nation rules and customs, Status of Forces Agreements, and other Defense Contracting Agreements. Contractors will have to possess requisite training, licenses, and certifications to support radioactive material handling, transport and disposal. Contractors will have to possess a Top Secret (TS)/ Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Facility Security Clearance. Contractor personnel will have to meet the requirements as defined under DFARS Clause 252.225-7043, Antiterrorism (AT)/Force Protection for Defense Contractors outside the US, and other theater regulations, to include Department of Defense Instruction 6490.07 for deployment into harsh and austere theater environments.

The Government is considering utilizing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 541990, All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services for this acquisition. If there are any other NAICS Code which businesses believe appropriate for the contemplated effort, please provide input and basis in your response.  Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to respond; however, each respondent must clearly identify their business size in regards to this NAICS Codes in their capabilities statement.  If businesses are currently performing these efforts under a Multiple Award Contract (MAC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract for which this effort would be within scope, please identify the contract vehicle and provide the applicable NAICS code and your business size in relation to that NAICS code.

Below is an overview of the draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) tasks, these are provided for review and comment. If interested please provide a capability statement that addresses the following in relation to the draft PWS’s scope of work:  


a. Company name, address, email address, website address, telephone number, organization size, business size, NAICS Code, and type of ownership for the organization.

b. Tailored capability statements addressing the particulars of this effort, with appropriate documentation supporting claims of organizational and staff capability.  Supporting documentation is not included in the ten (10) page capabilities statement.  If significant subcontracting or teaming is anticipated in order to deliver technical capability, organizations should address the administrative and management structure of such arrangements.

The draft tasks are as follows:

PM TS Forward Support Operations (S)-O-6 Office (Kandahar Afghanistan)

This task will provide for the following services:

Serves as the PM TS Forward Operations Support (OPNS FWD) liaison to the Train, Advise and Assist Command-South (TAAC-S). Provides oversight assistance and support to PM TS O-5 programs PD Aerostats, PM CEH, PM FPS and PM GS. Provides O-6 CONUS Operations Headquarters (HQ) with operational updates occurring in the southern region of Afghanistan and the entire Combined Joint Operations Area (CJOA) including Kuwait, Syria, Africa and Iraq as information is received.

Processes assigned daily tasks to include: Personnel Status Reports (PERSTAT) reporting to Train Assist and Advise Command – South (TAAC-S) CJ1, provides O-6 management reports utilizing project plans and briefings, phone conferences, maintains detailed records of projects, tracking performance through spreadsheet, graphs, Executive Summaries (EXSUMS) and Power Point, Provide Program Executive Office – Intelligence Electronic Warfare & Sensors (PEO IEW&S) OCONUS OPNS accountability reports from PM TS O-5 programs working in the southern region and participate in Area of Responsibility (AOR) OCONUS Operations (OCO) weekly briefings with O-5 programs PD Aerostats, PM CEH, PM FPS and PM GS

Serves in an advisory role, assisting with O-6 management and the Warfighter’s interest. Exercises supervision of information flow throughout the southern region of Afghanistan. Works with the O-5 programs OCONUS OPNS FWD to maintain consistency of information and reporting.

Assists and ensures compliance with the Base Support Group (BSG) and Area Support Group (ASG) to maintain functionality and limit project risk in relation to the Warfighter’s mission. Assists with accountability of equipment and personnel in the TAAC-S Region via sharepoint and during times of reported imminent danger. This task requires personnel to hold and maintain a Top Secret/SCI clearance.

Air Cell Coordinator


Assists with tracking of movements of personnel under Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Logistics and Technology (ASA/ALT) and travel advisory and mission allocations for Field Service Representatives and cargo movement. Assists with coordination of United States Forces of Afghanistan (USFOR-A) Air Cell to maintain a detailed tracking system utilizing CXI-SWA EVE (Effective Visible Execution) to track personnel traveling Intra-Theatre.

PM TS Clerk Duties

Receives and provides incoming US Postal Mail for PM TS personnel in the Southern Region of Afghanistan. Assists and prepares Classified materials for hand-carrying and must be able to escort Classified materials. Personnel performing these duties must:  be able to carry Classified documents from one location to the other under United States Forces – Afghanistan (USFOR-A); be certified/cleared to obtain registered courier card in his/her possession;  be able to obtain rights to transfer Unclassified/Classified documents from one enclave to the other including Non-secure Internet Protocol/Secret Internet Protocol (NIPR/ SIPR) and CXI. This task requires personnel to hold and maintain a Top Secret/SCI clearance.


Assists Area Support Group with approximately 86 Personnel AFORS Badge packets and assists in managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for personnel requiring entry into the Theater Access Control and Threat Identification (TACTIC) system. Assists the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) now Resolute Support (RS) with security in accordance with fragmentary order 20180601-NRSC-RSHQ-045-2018- Allied Command and Missions Identification System for Resolute Support (AFORS) Fielding Plan.

PM TS Kandahar IMO

Assists TAAC-S CJ6 and O-5 Program leads with network issues for personnel under PM TS as well as ASA/(ALT). Duties may include: submission and servicing of work orders over the SIPRNet, baselining computers, activating phones, initializing accounts and troubleshooting deficiencies.

PM TS Joint Compound Lead POC


Assists and provides PM TS on status updates for projects affiliated with PM TS Joint Compound 780 in Kandahar. Provides accountability for facilities containing equipment belonging to PM TS and O-5 programs to include PEO Ammo, PEO Soldier, PEO Enterprise Information Systems and PEO Missiles and Space. Assists with oversight of maintenance projects and secure key/code control for the entire compound. Acts as a primary point of contact for PM TS & ASA/(ALT) personnel and equipment.

PM TS Kandahar RAB Instructor

Performs Restricted Area Badge (RAB) instructor duties assisting the, Kandahar Airfield Flight Line Manager. Provides RAB, Refresher & Recertification training to: ASA/(ALT) personnel, leads and FSRs requiring Restricted Area Access for various missions. Supports Army Materiel Command (AMC) by training 401st Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) Logistics Task Force (LTF) Officers In Charge (OICs) and Non-Commissioned Officers In Charge (NCOICs) to be RAB instructors and providing assistance with course training to personnel assigned to the organization. Attends meetings on behalf of PM TS and provides updates pertaining to the airfield.

PM TS Theater NTV POC & KAF Fuel Card Manager

Assists the Area Support Group (ASG) Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) Manager process NTV registrations for Vehicle Utilization Review Boards (VURB) for Bagram, Kandahar, Dwyer and Mazar-i-Sharif. Track performance (mileage) and justifications for continuous utilization of NTVs. Provides weekly updates to United States Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) NTV Tracker via USFOR-A SharePoint. Provides assistance to various O5 programs acting as a continuity for all fuel permissions under 401st AFSB and NATO Support Procurement Agency (NSPA) for NTVs and fuel-operated devices. Calculate fuel usage and coordinate with NSPA fuel managers to provide authorizations for fuel.

Participation in response to this RFI will not preclude any vendor from responding to future acquisitions, either individually or as part of a team. For this RFI, the Government seeks information regarding your capabilities and experience related to the delivery of capabilities as described in the Program Objective section of this RFI. Sources able to address the above request are invited to submit information describing their approach. Please limit White Paper submissions to a maximum of 10 pages (including a cover sheet) and provide the following information:

  1. Please provide the following Point of Contact information:
    • Contact and company information
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company name
    • Date of incorporation
    • Number of years in business
    • Number of employees
    • Location
    • Mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Website address
    • Email address
    • Note that RFI respondents shall designate a single point of contact for receipt of all information pursuant to this RFI
  2.  Please identify your company's business size standard based on the primary North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code of 334511. For more information, refer to
  • Large Business Concern
  • Small Business (SB) Concern
  • 8(a), Native Hawaiian, Native Alaskan or Native American
  • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
  • Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone)
  • Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Brief overview of company history, limited to three (3) paragraphs.

  1. A technical approach narrative describing the methods in which the contractor will meet or exceed the program objectives and task requests described above.
  2. If you identify your company as a Small Business as identified above, then is your company interested in a prime contract? If so, continue to questions #6-10, all others skip to Question #11.
  3. Under the current SB recertification regulations, do you anticipate your company remaining a small business, under primary stated NAICS code 541990?
  4. If you are a small business and plan to be prime contractor on this effort please inform how you will meet the limitations on subcontracting Clause 52.219-14. Also, does your company possess the capabilities to provide the entire range of these requirements? If not, please list which requirements your company can provide. Please provide details of which aspects your company is capable of providing, e.g., warehouse support, inventory management, transportation.
  5. If you are a small business, can you go without a payment for 90 days?
  6. If you identify your company as a Small Business or any of the SB subcategories above, then is your company interested in a prime contract? If so, does your company possess the capabilities to provide the entire range of these requirements? If not, please list which requirements your company can provide?
  7. Please provide details regarding proposed joint ventures, teaming arrangements, strategic alliances, or other business arrangements to satisfy these requirements. Offerors are encouraged to identify teams, indicating each team member's size based upon the NAICS code of the work that the team member may be doing.
  8. Has your Company performed this type of effort or similar type effort (to include size and complexity) in the past, if so provide Contract Number , Point of Contact (POC), e-mail address, phone number, and a brief description of your direct support of the effort?
  9. Please identify your company's past and current customers to which you provided these type of capabilities or similar capabilities, including a customer/company name and point of contact, phone number and address/e-mail where they can be contacted. (please provide the above information for up to 5 efforts)
  10. Please describe your company’s experience with O-6 level SETA Support.
  11. Please describe your company’s experience with OCONUS operations.
  12. Please describe your company’s experience with Field Service Representative Support in Southwest Asia.
  13. Please describe your company’s ability to update Technical Data Packages?
  14. What industry standards, certifications, and/or accreditations does your company have for quality control and management (i.e. CMMI, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, NADCAP, etc.)?
  15. What approach does your organization use to manage subcontractors, risk, schedule, and cost?
  16. Describe your company’s ability and experience to coordinate and execute intra-theater movement of personnel and equipment.
  17. Describe your company’s process and experience to conduct field level repairs on OCONUS deployed systems, payloads and associated support equipment.

Respondents shall not be obligated to provide the services described herein and it is understood by the United States Government that the cost estimates provided as a result of this request are “best” estimates only.

The Government requests that interested sources submit an electronic response of not more than twenty (20) pages, 8.5" x 11" paper, 12-point, Times New Roman font, with a minimum of one (1) inch margins all around.

Responses to Small Business Questions 6 thru 10 are in addition to the above stated ten (10) page limitation. Responses should include the company name, Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE) code, point of contact, and address.

Supporting documentation (such as marketing brochures, fliers, published presentations or papers and other materials that summarize the technology and more about your company) is acceptable (up to two (2) pages worth), and may be referenced by reviewers only in support of claims identified in the White Paper, and only where specifically referenced in the White Paper. The Government makes no guarantee that the supporting documentation will be reviewed and/or considered.

Any company proprietary information, performance capabilities and/or future modification plans should be clearly identified and MUST be marked accordingly and will be protected by the Government.

Responses to the RFI will not be returned.

Responses to the RFI may be used to develop Government documentation.

All information marked as proprietary information will be safeguarded to prevent disclosures to non-Government personnel and entities. Your interest in this response is appreciated.

All interested companies or organizations are encouraged to respond to the RFI by providing the information by 4:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (EST), 8 April 2021.

Respondents are requested to submit one electronic copy of the responses to the Contracting Specialist (KS), Christina Cassan at and cc the Contracting Officer (KO), Jara Tartt at

Files should be sent in a Microsoft Word compatible file or a PDF file. Files greater than 10MB cannot be transmitted through the network firewall. Files must be Unclassified, include “Response to RFI Number W909MY-21-R-B002” in the subject line, and cannot exceed five (5) megabytes in size.