This contract will provide maintenance and field calibration of; Precision Two-Axis Motion Simulation Table System model; 2002PG-28-TL-SR120, PN 231210-2, SN 25239.The Field Calibration includes, as a minimum, the following tests (as applicable): Position Accuracy and Repeatability, Rate Accuracy and Stability, Mechanical (Wobble and Orthogonality), Communication Interface, Homing, Acceleration (no load), Safety features, and Slip-ring resistance variation (if applicable). Table System with AERO4000 Controller at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Technician will be on-site for up to 3 days. The calibration includes tests for accuracy, mechanical, and communication. Test data documentation will be provided by the contractor. Service will be required once annually; 60 days after contract award, 12 months after first service, 12 months after second service, and 12 months after third service. This contract will include a base year and 3 option years.