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The 2d Signal Brigade currently provides official use wireless services to all U.S. Army personnel via a commercial wireless services contract.  The 2d Signal Brigade serves 160 internal customers and currently has over 9,000 active phone numbers.

The current contract was completed by a contracting office in the U.S. but will be ending soon. The U.S. Army in Europe is looking for a new solution within Europe.


See attached Performance Work Statement (PWS) and below requirements:

Contractor shall provide commercial wireless 4G/LTE mobile network throughout European Union (EU) countries and the United Kingdom. Additionally, contractor shall provide commercial wireless roaming mobile network worldwide. Contractor may subcontract with other wireless mobile network providers to provide enhanced service in non-EU locations. Countries where mobile network users primarily live and work: Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Contractor shall provide country-specific phone numbers for users in these countries. Countries most travelled to by mobile network users: France, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Israel, and Somalia

RFI/Sources Sought Response

With the requirement in mind, please answer the following questions as part of your response:

1. Would it be possible to subcontract or team with other network providers to enhance service in non-EU locations?

2. Would it be possible for phone numbers to have a country code other than the country of primary use. For example, would it be possible for a person working, on an extended basis, in Poland (+48) to have a German (+49) phone number and vice versa?

3. Would it be possible to port numbers from another wireless provider?

4. Would your firm be able to comply with Section 889 Prohibition on Use of Covered Telecommunications Equipment? (More information on Section 889 can be found by clicking the link below):

5. Would your firm be able to provide the following for some lines?:

            a. Worldwide roaming service?

            b. Worldwide coverage for a flat-rate tariff?

            c. A mix of voice-only, data-only or voice + data tariff options?

6. Provide a coverage map of your 4G/LTE mobile network throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom in your response.

7. If you have previously provided this type of service, within the last five-years, to a U.S. Government agency, please provide the following:

            a. Customer Name

            b. Customer Point of Contact / Email / Telephone number

            c. Total Contract Value

            d. Period of Performance

            e. Brief Description of Services Provided

8.   Would your firm be able to boost coverage in areas that have repeated low or no service coverage?  Especially around U.S. Installations in all the areas/locations/countries identified in above in the requirements section.

Responses shall be provided in .pdf format and are limited to 20 pages (double sided will be counted as two), single-spaced, 8.5 inch x 11 inch or 8.5 inch x 14 inch paper size, and the font shall be Times New Roman with a minimum size of 12 point.  If your submittal contains company proprietary information then it should be marked accordingly.  If your submission contains unclassified but sensitive information then it should be properly labeled, handled, and transmitted in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).  Classified responses are not desired and will not be reviewed.  Submissions to this RFI will not be returned.

Please submit the following information in your response:

  1.   Answers to the above questions
  2.   Company information, to include: 
    1. Your company name, address,
    2. The company's web page (if applicable);
    3. CAGE Code and DUNS number,
    4. Point of contact, including: name, title, phone, and email address
    5. General company narrative of capabilities, past work etc.

Questions Regarding this RFI/Sources Sought

Questions in response to this RFI shall be submitted to the POCs listed below.  The questions and the Government’s answers will be posted on this web site.  Questions should not contain proprietary, sensitive, or classified information.  Questions submitted after the RFI end date may not be answered.  No extensions to the RFI response period will be granted.