Project Scope Includes the renovation of the existing Hangar, Building 1201.  The existing structure was built in 1952 and has undergone multiple renovations since its original construction. The ground floor will undergo a compete renovation while the existing second floor spaces will be undergo a partial renovation. The proposed project includes, but is not limited to, the following scopes of work:
1.    Removal and replacement of select building mechanical systems. Some existing systems are new and scheduled to be maintained and/or extended.

2.    Partial removal of existing plumbing systems and installation of new plumbing systems and fixtures.

3.    Modification of existing building electrical systems and extension of existing services as required to support new construction

4.    Removal and replacement of existing low sloped metal retrofit roofing systems on the lower roof areas. Primary hangar (high) roofing systems will remain without modification unless specifically noted otherwise.

5.    Removal and replacement of the hangar floor slab to support new plumbing and electrical work as well as to increase the bearing capacity of the floor in support of the F35 aircraft. Entire hangar slab (both new and existing to remain) will be provided with a new epoxy floor coating.

6.    Reconfiguration of interior space including removal and replacement of existing masonry and metal stud framed walls.

7.    Removal and replacement of existing floor slabs as required for installation of new building elements in addition to the removal and replacement of the hangar floor slab noted above.

8.    General finish upgrades throughout the facility.