The Product Manager for Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-A) is posting this Prototype Project Opportunity Notice (PPON) to pursue a capability for Army logistical organizations to perform mission essential critical functions while operating in a disconnected, intermittent, and limited bandwidth (DIL) operational environments from the enterprise system GCSS-A.

The Army is seeking prototype(s) of commercially available software solution(s), including low-code/no-code solution(s).  This solution must be able to operate on Government Furnished Equipment and synchronize with  the GCSS-Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Central Component (GCSS-Army ECC) with the a user interface and application(s) that provide the Army Users with maximum configurability and minimal customization.  Any Cloud-based Disconnected Operations Solution would be expected to integrate with the GCSS-Army ECC.  Proposed solution(s) should provide an architecture that will allow the Army to transition this solution into the future Enterprise Resource Planning Convergence Platform.

The attached PPON provides the six Steps of the source selection process, the instructions for each Step, and the associated evaluation criteria. Please note that the instructions and criteria for Steps 2-6 are subject to change.  The Steps published in the PPON are updated from what was presented during Industry Day on 8 December 2020.  Step 1 of the process begins with an Oral Presentation and Technology Demonstration using the Offerors Corporate or Public Data.  To enter Step 1, Offerors must submit the required files to include the presentation slides.  This PPON Solicitation is published as a “Full and Open” competition.  The Government intends to award one or more Other Transaction Agreements (OTA) under the authority of 10 U.S.C. § 2371b for Phase 1 Prototype Development. 

Please note that as a direct result of the Industry Day, Vendor One-on-One Sessions and written Questions from December of 2020, the previously posted requirements documents to include the Statement of Need, the Concept of Operations and Requirements List have all been replaced.  The new requirement documents and additional information is posted below.  All previous versions are rescinded.

In order to permit all Vendors interested in the GCSS-Army DISCOPS Prototype Project the maximum time to fully consider the requirements, the Government is making available – now – The Statement of Need (SoN) Enclosure E, Instructions for Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) & Applied Research Lab (ARL).  The file is marked as "Controlled Unclassified Information” (CUI), Distribution D with a restricted release to the Department of Defense U.S. DoD contractors only".  Therefore, to receive the GCSS-Army SoN Enclosure E, Instructions for Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) & Applied Research Lab (ARL), interested Offerors are required to follow the PPON Instructions for Step 1 and submit an approved DD Form 2345 Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement to the Agreements Officer and Specialist.  A Sample DD-Form 2345 is provided as Attachment 0001.  The CUI marked file will only be transmitted using the DoD SAFE Site to the Data Custodian named on the approved DD-Form 2345.

Please see the PPON for the format, method and the timeline for submitting questions and/or comments on any of the posted files.