Site Visit Available: Tuesday, April 6th at 10AM at the Orangeburg OMS Building; POC is RFOS Peter Boyle, phn. 845-901-8507.

1. The United States Army Contracting Command – New Jersey (ACC-NJ) has a requirement in support of the 99th Readiness Division (RD), Directorate of Public Works located at the Orangeburg OMS Building, 123 Route 303, Orangeburg, NY 10962-2209. The contractor shall provide all personnel, supplies, supervision, tools, materials, equipment, transportation and other items and non-personal services necessary to provide custodial services in accordance with this Performance Work Statement (PWS) except as those items specified as government furnished property and services.  The contractor shall perform to the standards in the contract as well as all local, state and federal regulations.  

2. Contractor must have an “Active” registration in System for Award Management (SAM) to be considered for award.  To obtain information on SAM or to register with SAM visit the web site at:           

3. Site Visits are available upon request.  In no event shall failure to inspect the site constitute grounds for a claim after contract award.  All site visit request shall be coordinated via email with the Regional Facility Operation Specialist (RFOS) Peter Boyle at AND copy Contract Specialist, Stephen Burks at The site visit will be held at the Orangeburg OMS Building, 123 Route 303, Orangeburg, NY 10962-2209. A face mask or covering is required while in the facility.   

4.  Questions shall be emailed to the Contract Specialist, Stephen Burks at AND the Contracting Officer, Sharon Wilson-Emmons at no later than April 12th, 11:00 AM EST.  Questions must specify the section or paragraph of the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for which the clarification is desired.            

5. Contractor offers shall be submitted via email to Stephen Burks at AND Sharon Wilson-Emmons at          

        All offers shall include the following:                               

a. Pricing for all Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs). Unit price and total price should also be included.           

b. CAGE Code, DUNS Number, and business-size standard under the applicable NAICS of  561720.       
c. Complete blocks 17a. and 30a., 30b. and 30c. of the SF1449 as well as any amendments. In doing so, the offeror accedes to the contract terms and conditions as written in the Request for Quote.    
d. Copy of insurance certificate meeting minimum requirements identified in Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 28.307-2.           

6. All offers shall remain valid for 120 calendar days.           

7. Multiple offers will not be accepted.           

8.  Attachment:   – Site Map  MAP CUST NY050 OMS MAR2021                          

1. The Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the lowest responsible, responsible  offeror whose (1) technical capability, meets the requirements of the PWS, technical specifications and solicitation (technical capabilility must be submitted with proposal) to include but not limited to any proposed subcontractors if applicable, equipment on hand, price is the lowest price.  See FAR 52.212-5 Evaluation Commerical Items.  Failure to provide all of the above information may render your proposal non-responsive.  The Government intends to award a single Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract.      
Technical Capabilities Statement is Required.           

2.  The Government intends to award a contract without discussions with respective offerors, so offerors should submit their best offer initially. The Government, however, reserves the right to conduct discussions if deemed in its best interest.           

3.  Award shall be made to a single contractor. Award will be made to the lowest priced technically acceptable, responsible offeror that meets the requirements of the Performance Work Statement (PWS)/attachments and this solicitation.                    

         A. PRICE:         

1.  Proposals will include unit prices for each line item listed and a total price, in order that proposals may be properly evaluated; completed SF1449 and any amendments; insurance certificate IAW FAR Subpart 28.307-2.           

2.  The Government will evaluate offers for award purposes by adding the total price for all Contract Line Item Numbers (CLIN) for the total evaluated price. In the event there is a difference between a unit price and the total CLIN amount, the unit price will be held as the intended price multiplied by the number of units. If the offeror shows only the total amount but fails to submit a unit price, the total CLIN amount divided by the quantity will be held as the intended price.                  

        B. The Past Performance Information Retrieval System and Federal Awardee Performance & Integrity Information Systems as well any other Government-sponsored information available may be utilized to help make a responsibility determination in accordance with FAR Subpart 9.104.                 

        C.  Failure to provide the requested information may deem the proposal Unacceptable and may not be eligible for award.                 

        D.  The Government will begin the evaluation process with a ranking based on the Total Evaluated Price from the lowest to highest price.  Following the price ranking, only the lowest priced offeror(s) will be evaluated for technical acceptability under the non-price factor(s) according to the evaluation criteria set forth in paragraph 3 of this section.  If acceptable, the evaluation will stop at that point and award will be made to the lowest priced technically acceptable offeror. If unacceptable, the Government will continue to review proposals in order of price until evaluating one that is technically acceptable and eligible for award.  The Government reserves the right to conduct additional technical evaluations as deemed necessary.