Statement of Work

Cutting and removal of phragmites at various locations at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York (BNL)

Scope of Work

The Contractor will provide all personnel, labor, equipment and supplies to cut all phragmites above water level at the following locations:  

Location 1:  Drainage Ditch located north of BNL Building No.1006.

Location 2:  Drainage Basin south of Brookhaven Ave. and adjacent to Groves Street ending at Weaver Pond.

The Contractor will haul and dispose of all phragmites cuttings at the tree dump located at the BNL site.

Contractor Training and Safety Requirements

The following general safety requirements will apply:

1.      All Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) shall be used.  Minimum PPE will be safety glasses with side shields, hard hat, safety shoes, and hi-visibility apparel.

2.      Phase Hazard Analysis (PHA) is to be reviewed and signed by the authorized BNL Representative(s) prior to work commencement.

3.      Any injury sustained by Contractor’s personnel is to be reported to the Supervisor and BNL Project Manager immediately.

4.      Contractor employees working at the BNL site shall take the following training prior to performing work at BNL:

  • Contractor Vendor Orientation
  • Covid Training
  • GERT
  • C-AD Facility Access Training

5.      Contractor employees must have a valid New York State driver’s license.

6.      The Contractor shall, prior to the performance of any work  at the BNL site, furnish BSA with a current Certificate of Insurance in accordance with BSA’s Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Work by Contractors on Site at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Rev.20.0 (Sep 2020).

7.      All work herein shall be performed in strict accordance with BSA safety, health and environmental policies.


All work shall be completed within thirty (30) days of contract award by BSA.