The Defense Logistics Agency Energy anticipates issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) Alongside Refueling Services at Naval Air Station Patuxent River (Pax River), MD.  Services include furnishing, managing, maintaining, and operating mobile fuel servicing equipment required to support the facilities, equipment, vehicles, and aircraft assigned to and as may transit, deploy to, or exercise from NAS Patuxent River.  The RFP will also include the responsibility to manage, receive, store, handle, and issue cryogenic products.  The NAS Patuxent River bulk fuel facility is a widespread system of tanks and components interconnected by pipeline and operated by a workforce consisting of civil service and military personnel.

The Contractor shall be responsible for the following:

Ensuring compliance with all contract performance requirements. The inspection system must be used by the Contractor to measure performance on a continuous basis throughout the contract performance period and any contract option periods. 

Provide a comprehensive plan to ensure that products placed in the care of the Contractor are properly handled, remain on-specification, and are ready for issue.  The plan must include policy and procedure regarding product sampling, visual examination of samples, and the submission of samples needing further analysis to the regional fuel laboratory. 

Provide a detailed maintenance plan for all facilities, contractor furnished equipment, system components, and site issued equipment.  The contractor must receive, maintain, store, sample, internally transfer, and issue petroleum products. 

Be responsible for all fuel-servicing operations and safeguarding facilities, equipment, and fuel products under its control during normal and adverse conditions.

Issue, defuel, and provide off-station fuel services to aircraft and support equipment by mobile fuel servicing vehicles and fixed direct refueling systems.  .

Be capable of performing all other functions relative to an active storage operation, i.e., inventory, quality limited to the visual analysis of samples taken, housekeeping, the securing of the system, and environmental protection.

Be capable of providing fuel services to station and transient aircraft 24 hours a day.

Provide the fuel servicing equipment in sufficient numbers to undertake the workload.

Furnish and maintain used oil, off-spec, and ground fuel servicing equipment necessary to undertake the projected workload and include specifications for the proposed – in their proposal. 

Ground fuels, regular unleaded gasoline (GUR), jet fuel (JP5), and burner oil #2 (DSS) must be delivered as required.

Must use the automated data collection equipment (scanners) to document each ground fuel issue. 

Must be responsible for collecting used oil from identified collection points and responding to unscheduled request.

Provide aviation, ground, used oil, utility vehicles, and equipment in necessary quantities to meet the aircraft and ground refueling/defueling workload requirements, including surge demands.

The Contractor is responsible for and required to furnish all personnel, equipment, material and/ or facilities necessary to providing these services. 

The expected period of performance is January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2026 for a four-year base and one five-year option from January 1, 2027 through December 31, 2031, and if needed a possible six-month extension from January 1, 2032 through June 31, 2032.

Interested parties should submit information to the following areas in their capability statements (Responses are limited to 5 Pages):

1. Company Profile.

2. Capability of providing qualified and experienced personnel, with appropriate clearances, if required.

3. Past Performance.

4. Do you anticipate any type of teaming arrangement for this requirement? If yes, please address what kind of arrangement and what percentage of work, types(s) of service would you perform.

5. Does your company have experience with Service Contract Act of 1965 covered contracts? Does your company have experience with Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)? Please explain any experience your company has had with labor unions.

6. What realistic phase-in period would you require to commence performance with personnel, equipment, and materials?

Capability Statements can be submitted to Tina M. Williams via