This post has been created to publicize the establishment of qualification requirements (QRs) for the items listed in the Master Item List (MIL) attached to this posting pursuant to FAR 9.204. Potential vendors wishing to become qualified as an approved source of repair/remanufacture for the items specified in the MIL must submit a Source Approval Request (SAR) package in accordance with the requirements identified in the Repair/Remanufacture Qualification Requirements (RQR-848).

This QR identifies the minimum requirements a vendor must exhibit for consideration as an approved source for the requested item. This QR covers a variety of different commodity items managed by the Air Force Sustainment Center within the 848th Supply Chain Management Group, part of the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing. These commodity items generally span structures, instruments, and accessory items for most of the major aircraft weapon systems currently operated by the Air Force. The MIL provides the item's National Stock Number, catalog noun, Repair Method Code/Repair Method Suffix Code, and 4-year projected requirements (projected requirements are subject to change).

The Master Item List is divided between those items where Government provided technical data is available (typically in the form of repair/overhaul Technical Orders) and those that do not have Government provided technical data. Gaining access to the necessary technical data is specified in the RQR-848 (see section 9). Pertinent contact information is contained within Appendix F of the RQR-848.

All of the items listed on the Master Item List are Expendability, Recoverability, Reparability Category (ERRC) code "T" and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 336413.

For a list of up-to-date projected requirements (in addition to those specified on the Master Item List) and other opportunities, please visit the Strategic Alternate Sourcing Program Office (SASPO) website at

Comments and suggestions regarding this QR are welcome. If industry has suggestions, to include clarifications or changes to the specified requirements, please contact the 848 SCMG through the email provided.