DLA Research & Development is distributing this request for information (RFI) to those with expertise in providing potential solutions such as transportation management software, real-time transportation
visibility platforms, as well as tools for EDI and API format data standardization for unstructured data.
Problem Statement. DLA business involves a substantial amount of freight and small parcel shipments.
The various providers have a range of capability in terms of sharing shipment data. Consequently, most
of these shipments are managed by offline methods such as paper documentation or over the phone. To
better manage these shipments and to incorporate in DLA’s systems to support a variety of business
processes DLA is seeking to receive this data transactionally in a standardized format. This data format
needs to incorporate various inputs to the shipment process like current status, delivery confirmation,
exceptions but also anticipated delivery dates. This data also needs to be shared via a method that
maintains integrity and cyber security requirements.
Other areas of interest to DLA in addressing the problem statement above are:
ï‚· How would artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine language (ML) be incorporated to further
improve potential solutions?
ï‚· How would predictive analytics (PA) fit in to provide for potential solutions?