Sources Sought Notice NIST-MML-21-SS04

Title: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometer

This is a Sources Sought Notice ONLY.  Requests for copies of a solicitation will not receive a response. 

This Notice is for planning purposes only and is not a Request for Proposal or Request for Quotation or an obligation on the part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for conducting a follow-on acquisition.  NIST does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this Notice, or otherwise pay for the information requested.  No entitlement or payment of direct or indirect costs or charges by NIST will arise as a result of submission of responses to this Notice and NIST use of such information.  NIST recognizes that proprietary components, interfaces and equipment, and clearly mark restricted or proprietary components, interfaces and equipment, and clearly mark restricted or proprietary data and present it as an addendum to the non-restricted/non-proprietary information.  In the absence of such identification, NIST will assume to have unlimited rights to all technical data in the information paper.



NIST is seeking information from vendors capable of providing an Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometer

Provide information regarding the following specifications:

  1. Reproducible high mass accuracy collisional activated spectra of selected ions over a wide range of collisional energies.
  2. Ion collisional cross sections with a resolution of up to 200 without loss of signal intensity.
  3. Reproducible cross-sectional of measurements of at least 0.5%
  4. Separating ions and fragmenting them by their differing ion mobility.
  5. Accurate quantitative analysis of isobaric coded tags.
  6. Operation in nanospray, conventional and atmospheric pressure ionization modes.
  7. UPS compatibility
  8. NanoLC system with the highest possible sensitivity, LC sampler and pumping system  
  9. Components required for the highest possible sensitivity in both nanospray, conventional electrospray and APCI.
  10. Tandem fragmentation maximum scan rate at up to 100 Hz.
  11. Minimum mass at least 50 Da and maximum mass over 4,000 Da.
  12. Mass resolution of at least 50,000.
  13. Mass accuracy of 1 ppm or lower using internal standards.
  14. Dynamic intrascan dynamic range of 10,000 and interscan range of 100,000.
  15. Sensitivity for 1 pg reserpine of at least 100:1 RMS
  16. Ability to output all mass spectral data, including cross sections and all fragment

Interested parties shall describe the capabilities of their organization as it relates to the requirement described above.  NIST anticipates issuing a Request for Quotation in the second quarter of FY2021 and awarding a contract no later than the third quarter of FY2021.

NIST is seeking responses from all responsible sources, including large and small businesses. The small business size standard associated with the NAICS code for this effort, 334516 is 1000 employees. Please include your company’s size classification and socio-economic status in any response to this notice. 

After results of this market research are obtained and analyzed, NIST may conduct a competitive procurement and subsequently award a contract.  Companies that can provide such services are requested to email a written response describing their abilities to no later than the response date for this sources sought notice.

The following information is requested to be provided as part of the response to this sources sought notice:

  1. Name, Address, DUNS number, CAGE code, and point of contact information of your company.
  2. Any information on the company’s small business certifications, if applicable.
  3. Description of your company’s capabilities as they relate to the services described in this notice.
  4. A description of your company’s previous experience providing the services described in this notice.
  5. Indication of whether the services described in this notice are currently offered via your company’s GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts, Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), or other existing Government-wide contract vehicles; and, if so, the contract number(s) for those vehicles.
  6. Any published pricing, to include any tiered pricing for incremental quantities
  7. Any other relevant information that is not listed above which the Government should consider in finalizing its market research.

Responses are limited to a total of twelve (12) pages. The responses must be in MS Word format.  Pages shall be 8½-inch x 11-inch, using Times New Roman 11 Point Font.  Each page shall have adequate margins on each side (at least one inch) of the page. Header/footer information (which does not include any information to be analyzed) may be included in the 1" margin space.