This is a Request for Information (RFI) as defined in FAR 15.201(e). Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Port Hueneme Division (PHD) is conducting market research to identify qualified and responsible sources that may be interested in a potential future procurement for the Alteration Installation Team (AIT) services to NSWC PHD onboard ships and land based facilities, including Government laboratories.  NSWC PHD supports a variety of programs in its mission as the In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA).  As part of the functions of an ISEA and in support of the ship classes under its cognizance, NSWC PHD tasking includes the execution of Ship Change Documents (SCDs), Engineering Changes (ECs), Trial Card Corrections, Trouble Observation Report (TOR) fixes, and test installations. SCDs may also be used for the removal of shipboard systems and are included in NSWC PHD tasking.  Services shall be performed at a variety of facilities and locations of the United States Navy and Foreign Military shipboard and commercial locations worldwide.