Provide a new 70-ton rubber tire gantry (RTG) crane suitable for a single point lift of a floating barge located at Lake Glendora’s Test Facility, IN. The Floating Shock Platform (FSP) this crane will support primarily is ~22’ long, 16’ wide, and 9’ tall and comes with a 4-point wire rope sling assembly that connect a single oval link area of 13” X 7” for attachment to the crane hook. The RTG crane shall have a minimum allowable lift height of 35 ft., a minimum allowable inside clear width of 24 ft., a maximum allowable overall length of 40 ft., and a maximum allowable overall width of 40 ft. The RTG crane shall be operated via a remote controller. The RTG crane shall be capable of all functional operations at rated the load of 140,000 lbs. and capable performing these lifting operations at the geometric center of the RTG’s overall length. The crane shall be assembled and operationally tested at the facility. Contractor provided test weights and gear will be required for load testing during field acceptance after delivery and installation at Lake Glendora Test Facility in Sullivan, IN. NSWC-Crane also requests the option to buy these test weights. Note that transportation and installation procedures will be handled by the crane contractor. The RTG crane shall be built to the design drawings of a licensed Professional Engineer (PE).