This proposal opportunity is in response to a NASA Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for Instruments for the Geospace Dynamics Observatory anticipated to be released early 2021.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is developing an instrument concept to be proposed for this AO. The partnership opportunity is being issued to select a teaming partner to provide instrument design and manufacturing.
 The proposed instrument is currently in pre-Phase A. If the proposal is down-selected, the next step in the proposal process may be a concept study culminating in a Concept Study Report (CSR), which is the Step 2 proposal, and a Site Visit. It is also possible that a Step 2 proposal and Site Visit may not be required. The following schedule should be used as a basis for responses to this opportunity:

Release of draft AO Dec 2020 (target)
Release of final AO Early 2021 (target)
Pre-proposal conference ~3 weeks after final AO release
Step 1 Proposals due 90 days after AO release
Selection for Phase A Summer 2021
Partner start date Vendor specified
Instrument SRR Phase B Start + 3-6 months
Instrument PDR Phase B Start + 21-24 months
Instrument CDR Phase B Start + 30-33 months
Instrument Delivery for I&T Phase B Start + 42 months (3.5 years)
Launch Readiness Date Phase B Start + 6 years

Note that the Science Mission Directorate released a Request for Information (RFI), Solicitation NNH20ZDA013L titled “Partnering for Production of Spaceflight Scientific Instruments for Geospace Dynamics Constellation” on Sept 10, 2020. This POD is not related to the RFI and applicants should not assume that reviewers for this POD have access to information submitted to the RFI. This POD is open to all types of U.S. organizations, including U.S. industry, universities, nonprofit organizations, NASA Centers, Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, other U.S. Government agencies.

Further information can be found in the attachment(s) to this notice.