Our diverse, highly experienced veteran-led organization is made up of volunteers working within committees, chapters, advisory board and the corporate advisory board along with the national board of directors who govern and shape the future of the USVBA.

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Our Primary Focus

Provide the Veteran with a sense of purpose and community igniting self-worth and economic growth

Produce qualified, business-ready veteran owned companies

Reduce barriers to entry

Reduce national social costs through self-employment and business ownership

Assist veterans to navigate the steps required for success

Make the legislative landscape more favorable for veteran owned enterprises

Educate Veterans about VA disability ratings and disabled Veteran business certification benefits

Connect procurement professionals to qualified veteran businesses

Why We're Different

20-years of experience as an organization and a long list of accomplishments

Non-federally funded

Veteran-led-we understand the needs and are cut from similar cloths

Capable of matching individual veterans to appropriate mentors

Peer-to-Peer mentorship, We speak the same language and can be frank with one another in a way that is hard to duplicate. This is very powerful.

Diverse, veteran-led organization representing Vietnam through current eras

The USVBA is member driven but backed by powerful Fortune 500 companies