**See the attachments for full information**

The Government is only conducting market research and attaining information to identify potential contractors that are able to provide all items listed below. The Government is requesting industry to provide feedback to the questions below to determine how to best proceed with procuring the required items. All information provided is STRICTLY VOLUNTARY.   

The Government anticipates the need for the repair of three (3) fire suppression pump engines. The work shall consist of furnishing all necessary parts, labor, tools, transportation, supplies, supervision, equipment, materials, and incidentals necessary for providing all work shown in the statement of work, and all applicable codes, regulations, standards, and criteria in effect at the date of solicitation. All repairs shall be completed in accordance with the most current edition of all applicable Federal, State, local, Department of Defense (DOD) and Air Force regulations, including, but not limited to the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 3-601-02, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25, NFPA 72, NFPA standard 409, for Aircraft hangars and Government provided specifications/requirement data cited in the attached draft SOW.

The three engines are located in a single building and the work shall consist of the following:

Repair Diesel pump engine #1, #2 and #3.  Remove and replace any damaged or non-operational parts. Flush fuel lines and remove old diesel fuel from the three fuel tanks. Replace identified components in the SOW with new parts selected IAW the component manufacturers’ recommended procedures and parts.

Please see the attached draft SOW for further details on the requirement.