There is no guarantee of solicitation, contract, or otherwise binding agreement.  Please respond if you may have the capability to meet the following summary.

This notice is to identify possible locations and sources with a training facility large enough to facilitate the Government’s need to fully test the sniper’s skillset and ability to adapt to adverse situations and scenarios on land and in a maritime environment.  Furthermore, jungle operations training shall be integrated into the curriculum.  Please contact the POC directly by email and if your company can meet these general characteristics required.  

General Range Requirements:

  1. Weapons used on range; to include 5.56 CAL, 7.62 CAL 300WM.
  2. High Angle range capable to 500 meters with shooting angles from up to 25 degrees
  3. Flat range capable up to 2,500 meters.
  4. Unknown Distance Range (UKD) with varying terrain and elevations.
  5. Minimum of five (5) UKD targets with a minimum shooting distance between 100 meters to a maximum of 2,000-meter distance.