The purpose of this contract is to procure the Scientist and Engineer (S&E) community, and in particular Software Engineering Groups at OO-ALC, OC-ALC, and WR-ALC (309 SWEG, 76 SWEG, & 402 SWEG), require an On-line Learning Platform and Technical Course Library consisting of a large holistic technical course library, each containing the full genre of educational courses in their respective skillsets – categorized in Programming Languages; Software Development; Web & Database/Creative Development; Information Assurance & Cyber Security; Information Technology, Networks & Networking Services; and Project Management, Business Operations, and Business Tools Functions. Such support is essential to facilitate advanced required skill set competency within multiple project required programming languages, and many other competencies required in conducting software development within various workloads throughout each the Air Forces Software Engineering Groups (SWEG). This will be a three year contract. 

The On-line Learning Platform and Technical Course Library Contract Requirements suggest a request for Quote containing 3 categorical subscription levels or options for technical on-line training library courses and skill development and Assessment licenses.  Said on-line learning platform subscription levels should be delineated in the following general categories:

  1. Complete/Holistic On-line library of TECHNICAL courses as a Basic subscription plan
  2. Skillsets and Professional Development subscription plan
  3. Advanced Organization Competencies and Analytics Management subscription plan