1.  NOTICE:  This is not a solicitation but rather a Sources Sought Synopsis to determine potential sources for information and planning purposes only.

1.1  The purpose of this Sources Sought is to conduct market research to determine if responsible sources exist to support this acquisition, and to determine whether this effort should be competitive; a total or partial Small Business Set-Aside; or a combination of both. 

For this effort the proposed North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) Code is 336411, with a corresponding Size standard of 1,500 employees.  The Government will utilize this NAICS Code to determine the best acquisition strategy for this procurement.  The Government is interested in all large businesses, and small businesses i.e., 8(a) participants, HUBZone small business concerns, service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns, and economically disadvantaged women-owned small business (EDWOSB) concerns and women-owned small business (WOSB) concerns eligible under the WOSB Program.  The government requests that any applicable and interested parties respond to this notice associating its small business status to the identified NAICS code. 

Additionally, the Government requests interested parties provide a detailed history of the past three years with regard to the following: anticipated teaming arrangements; descriptions of similar services offered to the Government; and descriptions of similar services offered to commercial customers.  Any responses involving teaming agreements should delineate between the work that will be accomplished by the prime and the work accomplished by the teaming partners.

2.  DESCRIPTION:  The Air Force is seeking potential contractors with the ability to manufacture a program approved, production ready Digital Antenna Electronics (DAE) Interface for integration with a Jam Resistant Embedded GPS and Initial Navigation System (JREGI).  This notification is a Request for Information (RFI) to identify potential contractors who have the knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment, required to successfully complete this effort for the A-10 Program Office (AFLCMC/WAA) at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.  This RFI does not constitute a commitment by the Air Force, implied or otherwise, that a procurement will be accomplished.  This is not a request for proposal (RFP) or invitation for bid (IFB).  To be considered as a potential source for this requirement, a Contractor will be required to submit data in response to a future solicitation, verifying capabilities to meet the requirements at the time of the solicitation.  The contractor is requested to respond to this Sources Sought as identified in the “Responses” section of this RFI no later than, end of business day 16 Feb 2021.


The A-10 Aircraft was built and launched over 42 years ago with a basic Global Positioning System (GPS) installed. After years of focused sustainment of the A-10 Aircraft, the Air Force is currently in a time of unprecedented modernization efforts.  The need for advanced capabilities to protect our war fighters is vital to the mission.    The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command have requested a Jam-Resistant GPS solution for the A-10C aircraft to mitigate/eliminate GPS jamming.


To manufacture/build a program approved, production ready, Digital Antenna Electronics (DAE) interface, along with supporting wiring/harness brackets & supporting hardware, and Cabling for a 7 Element CRPA for integration into the larger Jam Resistant Embedded GPS and Initial Navigation System (JREGI). Production, delivery and optional installations of the GPS Spatial Temporal Anti-Jam Receiver (GSTAR) for the A-10C aircraft.  

5.  Task Requirements

  1. Manufacture a beam-steering DAE interface (B-Kit),
  2. Build wiring/harness brackets (A-Kit), and
  3. Cabling for a 7 Element CRPA for the A-10C aircraft.

The DAE interface, brackets, and cabling must be fully qualified to support and work with the Embedded Global Positioning Inertial Navigation System (EGI) Part Number (PN) 342017-00-WM43 and the Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) PN-N-79-3. The DAE must have met both safety of flight and vibration testing requirements for the A-10 aircraft. (Government believes Lockheed Martin’s G-STAR is the only DAE that currently meets the qualification/requirements of the A-10C without further qualification testing/ new testing will not be conducted).


Interested parties are requested to submit (with rationale) a summary in response to the following questions.  Please limit responses to 10 pages or less:

a. Identify current capability and experience with related efforts; include contracts under which such efforts have been performed.  Such efforts would include experience with Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, U.S. Government, State agencies (FAA, NWS, DOT, NSF, others), Foreign civil Government agencies, military branches, or any other pertinent experience.

b. Identify specific manufacturing capabilities. 

c. If your company’s solution involves a teaming arrangement to successfully perform this requirement, please provide official confirmation (e.g. emails/letters etc.) from each participant that: (1) identifies that the contractor is willing to work with your company; and (2) identifies the likelihood of such a commitment. 

d. Identify (with rationale) if a firm-fixed-price pricing arrangement is not appropriate for all requirements.  Also, propose a period of performance that is adequate to meet the tasks above.  The government expects travel for this requirement.

e. Based on the NAICS code identified for this RFI, please provide your company’s size, and identify any small business socio-economic program status.  Also, identify the cage code of your company.

f. Provide verification that the NAICS code identified on the top page of this RFI is appropriate, or provide suggestions with supporting rationale as to why it is not appropriate.

g. This requirement will most likely include the delivery of data.  Confirm understanding that the Government will receive unlimited rights pertaining to eligible data under DFAR 252.227-7013, 252.227-7014, and 252.227-7015 (e.g. data necessary for maintenance and operations).

The Government’s primary points of contact must be able to clearly identify the above information. 


This is not a request for proposal (RFP) or an inviatation for bid, nor is it to be construed as a commitment by the Government.  The Government does not intend to make an award on the basis of this sources sought synopsis/RFI or otherwise pay for the information solicited herein.  Copies of the submitted information will be reproduced and reviews may be used to develop a request for proposal.  Please provide only non-classified information in your response, and it should be reviewed to assure that there are no operational sensitivities identified.

The current Draft Requirements Document and associate technical specifications contain data that may be subject to export control laws and regulations. Only contractors who are registered and certified with the Defense Logistics Services Center, and have an approved DD Form 2345, will be provided copies of the current draft requirements document and related technical specification documents. To receive a disk, or a secure file transfer from DoDSAFE, containing the Draft Technical Data Package (TDP) please send your company’s DD Form 2345 to points of contact listed infra.


Primary points of contact are:

Susan Burraston                  Contract Officer at 801-777-5965                    susan.burraston@us.af.mil

Mark Parker                         Contract Officer at 801-777-4207                   mark.parker.12@us.af.mil

Please be sure to respond to all POCs listed above when submitting RFI responses.

RESPONSE INFORMATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY COB 16 Feb 2021 no later than 1700 MST and must be emailed to (listed above).