This is intenteded to act as a sources sought for a brand name "or equal" item. Paratech or equal. Vendors submitting "or equal" shall provide literature/manuals to show comparability to the Raker and Strut system(s). Please do not provide pricing information. Respond if you are interested in providing a quote in the event that a similar requirement is posted. The following description is to be used as a reference only. Also attached is additional information pertaining to a specific product that would suit the government's needs.

The US&R Rescue Strut System is one of the most complete structural collapse systems that has been standardized by the FEMA US&R teams. For any team serious about Urban Search & Rescue, this is the system to make it happen. The system includes (2) 6’ Raker sets and numerous Rescue Struts and components to handle almost any disaster that the rescuers are faced with. Raker is used to stabilize the outside of the structure during rescue. With this kit, it can turn your standard raker directly into a 4 leg 24 ft (7,3 m) long flying raker with nailing pads for full crossbracing.

Delivery is to US Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal.