In an effort to professionally develop HQ PACAF senior leaders on challenges associated to the changing international environment; PACAF leadership requires a 1 day virtual program for approximately leaders in the rank of Col, CMSgt and GS-15.  The virtual program should cover a broad list of topics tied directly to PACAF priorities and threats.  Program should facilitate strategic thought and discussion through briefings and guided discussion led by various subject matter experts.  Topics should include, but not limited to, influence of a growing China, US national security, DoD national strategy, globalism, political affairs, and technological advances in military processes/weapons to prepare HQ PACAF leaders to address threats faced within the DoD and Pacific AOR.  All of which have direct correlation to CSAFs Aug 2020 Accelerate Change or Lose mandate and more recently, the Mar 2021 SECDEF Priorities to Defend the Nation, Take Care of Our People, and Succeed Through Teamwork.  A program that encompasses and supports these directives arm PACAF leaders responsible for turning strategy into executable actions for the Joint Force, Allies and Partners in the AOR with knowledge and context across the geopolitical and national security landscape.