INTRODUCTION: The United States Air Force, 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) is seeking sources for the removal of the current on site Press Brake and installation of a new Press Brake.

CONUS Location
•Building (Bldg) 7411 Machine Shop located on the 309thAerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG)complex at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (DMAFB), AZ.

DISCLAIMER: This sources sought notice is issued for information and planning purposes only. This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP). It is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation or ultimately award a contract. Responses will not be considered as proposals nor will any award be made as a result of this sources sought notice. The Air Force will NOT be responsible for any costs incurred by interested parties in responding to this request for information.

REQUIRED CAPABILITIES: The 309th AMARG is interested in the identification of capable sources to remove a Piranha Hydraulic Press Brake weighing in at 12,000lbs from BLDG 7411 and place it outside of BLDG 7411 to allow plenty of space for AMARG employee access. The Contractor will be required to install the new Press Brake weighing in at 22,000lbs—the Contractor will only be required to bring in the new press brake from outside of BLDG 7411 to the inside of BLDG 7411 and placed on specific area with-in BLDG 7411.

1.2. Piranha Press Brake—Please see attachment 2 for pictures.

A.General Specs: In accordance with the Owners’ Manual (OM). The Press Brake must belifted from the top and only lifted from the manufacture install lifting lug.

a.Weight:12,000 lbs

b.Width:8 ft

c.Depth:4 ft

d.Height:8 ft

1.3. New Press Brake—In general terms, the specs are standard across all vendors with respect to the new press brake—to add, the specs will not exceed what’s identified.

A.General Specs: In accordance with the Owners’ Manual (OM). The Press Brake must belifted from the top and only lifted from the manufacture install lifting lug. No forklift arepermitted to lift the new Press Brake.

a.Weight:22,000 lbs

b.Width:12 ft

c.Depth:8 ft

d.Height:12 ft

1.4. BLDG 7411—Please see attachment 2 for pictures. Can’t cut/remove any part of the building, must use garage door.

A.General Building Specs:

a.Garage Door Height: 16 ft

b.Garage Door Width: 19.75 ft

c.Wall to first support beam:17 ft

d.Unit top to lowest object from ceiling: 11 ft

e.Between Buildings: 22 ft

1.5. Non-Personal Services. The government shall neither supervise contractor employees, nor control the method by which the contractor performs the required tasks. Under no circumstances shall the government assign tasks to, or prepare work schedules for individual contractor employees. It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to manage its employees and to guard against any actions that are of the nature of personal services, or give the perception of personal services. If the contractor believes that any actions constitute, or are perceived to constitute personal services, it shall be the contractor’s responsibility to notify the Contracting Officer immediately.

NORTH AMERICAN INDUSTRY CLASSIFICATION (NAICS) CODE: The anticipated North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this acquisition is 238990 (All Other Specialty Trade Contractors), with a corresponding size standard of $15M.


Request Capability Statements include the following:

1. Company name, address, point of contact (POC), telephone number, e-mail address, NAICS code, GSA schedules held, CAGE Code.

2. Identification of business size and whether currently designated as a Small Business as defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 19.1, and the appropriate categories (small business, small disadvantaged business, 8(a), service disabled veteran-owned small business, veteran-owned small business, woman-owned small business, HUB zone, minority-owned, etc.)

3. If available, Past/Current Performance Background (Government or commercial) as it relates to supporting the above requirement to include the following:a.Contract numberb.Title and a brief summary of the objective of the effortc.Contracting agency or firm (Government or commercial)d.Value of the contract(s) and Period of Performancee.Type of contract(s), i.e., fixed price, cost reimbursement, labor hourf.NAICS code/small business size standard.

4. Any other information deemed useful to the Air Force and provide suggestions/information that would be helpful to the Contracting Officer in developing a contract solution for all the above locations.

5. If your company has an interest in providing a quote, if your company is interested submitting a proposal, please submit a Capability Statement on the tasks described above, please respond no later than 1:00PM MST 17 December 2020. Please provide your questions and Capability Statement to Ms. Heidi Fox, Contracting Officer, and Ms. Rachelle Jenkins, Contract Specialist, Please use no more than 1-3 type-written pages using 12-point type. Published literature may be any number of pages.

6.Proprietary information and trade secrets, if any, must be clearly marked on all materials. All information received that is marked Proprietary will be handled accordingly. Please be advised that all submissions become Government property and will not be returned. All Government and contractor personnel reviewing sources sought responses will have signed non-disclosure agreements and understand their responsibility for proper use and protection from unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information as described 41 USC 423. The Government shall not be held liable for any damages incurred if proprietary information is not properly identified.