Scope: The Architect-Engineer (A-E) shall perform field reconnaissance, studies, site investigations, and meeting with the users, including travel and work required to obtain engineering information and design data to produce charrette report documents for this project. The Base Civil Engineering Project Manager will assist in scheduling the required meetings.

Goal: The purpose of the Planning Charrette Report (PCR) is to locate and size a satellite fire station to allow the fire department to meet the required response times for south and east portions of the base that are not being met currently and to also provide emergency response for Grand Sky Park that was created under an enhanced use lease (EUL) signed in 2015. The A-E consultant shall investigate the site conditions, assemble requirements from published standards and functional stakeholders, identify constraints and opportunities, and develop and present a recommended location and size for the satellite fire station.

Background: Grand Forks AFB is working a partnership with Grand Forks County to jointly construct and equip a new satellite fire station on Grand Forks AFB to support both Grand Forks AFB and Grand Sky Park. Analysis of travel times from the existing main station and two proposed sites for a satellite station confirms that a second location is required to meet base response times along with providing response to Grand Sky Park. The Base Fire Department is currently unable to meet average response times of 7 minutes at a 90% rate of as required in Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 6055.06 (Oct 3, 2019) to portions of the base and Grand Sky Park from current location.