The General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service is looking for technically qualified firms to retrofit the existing Fire Sprinkler System at the OC Fisher Federal Building located in San Angelo, Texas. Contractor shall provide all materials, labor, tools, equipment, and supervision to accomplish tasks as outlined in attached Specifications and Drawings, and this statement of work. Install a new fire sprinkler system in all the floors, from the basement up to the 3rd floor.  In addition to the Fire Sprinkler install, the contractor will repair and replace all damage resulting from the installation. This will apply to all walls, plastered ceilings, suspended ceilings damaged by hangers or cores. This “repair” work will also include painting to match existing texture and color. It may be necessary to “fur out” piping running both vertically and horizontally in areas deemed historically critical. The Fire Sprinkler System will be permitted and inspected through GSA Fire Protection department, A permit from the City of San Angelo for the Fire Sprinkler System, will not be required. Additionally, a new domestic water line will be installed to increase the flow rate necessary to support the required flow rate.  (Please take note that a permit from the City of San Angelo will be required for the new Underground Fire Line, exterior to the Fisher Federal Building).