On behalf of the U.S. AbilityOne Commission (Commission) the independent federal agency that administers the AbilityOne Program, National Industries for the Blind (NIB)  a designated central nonprofit agency, is pursuing potential partnerships with U.S. commercial manufacturers of  Cartridge Delivery Systems for Concentrated Cleaners for the purpose of providing employment for people who are blind or severely disabled.  If successful, the result will be the addition of the product(s) to the AbilityOne Procurement List (PL) under a co-brand agreement between the manufacturer and the AbilityOne Program, and its registered brands.

The Cartridge Delivery Systems for Concentrated Cleaners must meet and/or exceed FAR and other Federal Government published standards, Executive Orders and Federal Agency requirements. 

At a minimum, the following criteria must be met: 


  1. Basic starter kit consisting of: an empty 32 oz bottle, pre-filled cartridges with concentrated cleaning solution and a trigger sprayer.
  2. Must offer cartridge refills
  3. Cartridge delivery system must automatically deliver precise amount of pre-filled concentrate to the work bottle
  4. Must be able to provide wide array of concentrated cleaning solutions  to include but not limited to Tile, Grout and Bathroom Cleaner, Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner, Liquid Malodor Counteractant, Multi-Purpose Cleaner,  Disinfectant Cleaner.
  5. 100% product yield
  6. Closed-loop system
  7. OSHA compliant work bottles
  8.  USDA Bio-Preferred certified
  9.  US EPA Safer Choice Certification is also preferred


  1. Must possess a nationally or industry known brand name that can demonstrate significant appeal through evidence of substantial sales.
  2. Demonstrate how it will assist the Commission’s designated nonprofit agency (NPA) to expand its line of Cartridge Delivery Systems for Concentrated Cleaners, thus increasing blind work hours, while keeping expansion costs to the NPA at a minimum.  
  3. Willing to deliver bulk materials to the non-profit agency to assure the agency of on-time deliveries to federal government customer(s).
  4. Willing to enter into a multi-year agreement to include:
    1. On-going technical and production assistance.
    2. The necessary factory trained technical field support
    3. Enabling the non-profit agency to meet the criteria of the AbilityOne Program to convert material, fill containers, label, assemble and package the products thereby creating employment for people who are blind or severely disabled.
  5. Demonstrate a commitment to working with the AbilityOne Program to market the product(s) solicited herein to Government customers. Preference is given to manufacturers who have a dedicated team for Federal Government sales and marketing.
  6. Be willing to work with the NPA, NIB, and AbilityOne to ensure that the price to the end-users is a fair and reasonable price.

Manufacturers’ submissions must demonstrate that proposed products meet the criteria listed above, as well as indicate what functions the nonprofit agency’s employees would perform.

The deadline for response is February 5, 2021.

The written, electronic responses should be directed to the contact listed in this Notice.

Questions should be directed by email to rhill@nib.org.  The subject line should begin with ‘Question: Sources Sought CP-01-05-21-01 Cartridge Delivery Systems for Concentrated Cleaners.

Information regarding the Commission can be found at www.abilityone.gov.  Specific information regarding co-brand agreements can be found by navigating the top left corner of the website.  Mouse over Laws, Regulations, and Policy and select Policy Memoranda.  Select Operation Memoranda, then select Memorandum Number 22.