Eight NSNs on the above project, CM20014006, Solicitation SPE7MX-20-R-0152 are currently either code and part number or source controlled drawings.  Please see the information below on the current approved sources and current Annual Demand Quantities (ADQ). If you believe you are able to provide any of these items, please respond to the Contracting Officer listed in the notice with information on which NSN you are able to manufacture, and information about your company.  Thank you.

Send this infromation to Carrie Krafft Spayde at carrie.krafftspayde@dla.mil

NSN 5999010777592 CONTACT , ELECTRICAL AMC/AMSC 1/C  ADQ 120.  Current approved sources (65534) ALEK INDUSTRIES, INC. P/N: 12274275 AND (9G394) GENERAL PRODUCTS LLC P/N: 12274275

NSN 5905010792862 RESISTOR, VARIABLE AMC/AMSC: 3/C ADQ: 66. Current approved source (44655) OHMITE HOLDING, LLC P/ 62068-250

NSN 5930011295987 SWITCH, PRESSURE, AMC/AMSC 3/B ADQ: 33, Current approved source controlled drawing (98087) ITT AEROSPACE CONTROLS, LLC P/N: 1173P0336

NSN 5935011650485 DUMMY CONNECTOR, REC AMC/AMSC 3/D ADQ: 11 Current approved source (05BU0) KIDDE TECHNOLOGIES, INC P/N: 55098-95

NSN 5905012185936 RESISTOR, THERMAL AMC/AMSC 1/B ADQ: 72, Current approved sources (07217) HONEYWELL LIMITED P/N 624716-1-1 or (00QR4) EDEL ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT CO. P/N 12336777

NSN 5935013538454 CONNECTOR, RECEPTACLE AMC/AMSC 1/B ADQ: 95, Current approved sources (77820) AMPHENOL CORPORATION P/N: 10-564871-5P and (71468) ITT CANNON LLC P/N CIR00RP36-5P-F80-1

NSN 5999014440561 HARNESS, ELECTRICAL AMC/AMSC 1/C  ADQ: 8, Current approved source (1CWA3) PALOMAR DISPLAY PRODUCTS, INC P/N 6439495

NSN 5935015149278 CABLE SAVER CONNECT AMC/AMSC 3/C ADQ: 14 Current approved source (62765) CELLTRON INC P/N A3297196