The subject requirement is for the acquisition of National Stock Numbers (NSNs) 2815010288647, 2815012855068, 2815014423405, 2815014548495, 2815015567884, 2910000509838, 2910001034550, 2920014347201, 2930012489579, 2990013706131, 4710014925970, and 6150014399221. The Federal
Stock Class (FSC) numbers are 2815, 2910, 2920, 2930, 2990, 4710, and 6150. Reference the attached spreadsheet for NSN information. If interested in this requirement, please complete the attached Market Survey and corresponding Excel spreadsheet. Any company interested in the subject requirements or who has questions concerning the qualification process should respond via email by March 15, 2021. Please provide the location of the manufacturer (City and State or Country if applicable). Also provide a Point of Contact for the manufacturer(s) if available. All information can be submitted to Miranda Coon at, Phone 614-692-9177. Thank you for your support.