This information is posted in order to publicize the establishment of manufacturing qualification requirements (MQRs) for the items listed in the “848 SCMG Master Item List Mar 2021.pdf” attached in this posting.  Pursuant to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), potential vendors wishing to become qualified as an approved source of supply for manufacturing items specified in the subject Master Item List must submit a Source Approval Request (SAR) package.  Air Force Material Command Instruction 23-113, Material Management, Pre-award Qualification of New or Additional Parts, Sources and the Use of the Source Approval Request (SAR) and the 848 SCMG MQR document serve as the basis for creating and submitting a SAR package.  AFMCI 23-113 implements FAR requirements and Air Force Policy and procedures.  The 848 SCMG MQR is applicable to only manufacturing SAR packages and references relevant sections of AFMCI 23-113 where needed and serves to clarify requirements the proposed offeror (i.e., potential supplier) must satisfy in order to obtain source approval to manufacture a commodity item for a specific application.  The 848 SCMG MQR covers a variety of different commodity items managed by the 848th Supply Chain Management Group, 448th Supply Chain Management Wing, under the Air Force Sustainment Center.  Commodity items managed by the 848 SCMG span a number of different categories to include structures, instruments, and accessory items used on a number of major aircraft operated by the US Air Force.  The 848 SCMG Master Item List provides each item's: National Stock Number; Nomenclature; managing Group; managing Squadron; Mission, Design, Series (MDS); Type, Model, Series (TMS); and Acquisition Method Suffix Code (AMSC) data for each item.


  1.  AMSC are limited to:  C, D, K, M, N, P, Q, R, S, and V.
  2. In general, “MDS” is the combination of numbers/letters used to describe different aircraft and “TMS” is the number/letter combinations used for equipment, engines, missiles, etc.

Comments and suggestions regarding this MQR are welcome. If industry has suggestions, to include clarifications or changes to the specified requirements, please contact the 848 SCMG through the email provided.