It is the Government’s intention that this Request for Information (RFI) will result in a Request For Quote (RFQ) to follow within this Fiscal Year, FY2021.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is looking for contractors who can provide both forklift maintenance and occasional repairs to its warehouse forklifts located in Indianapolis, IN.  The services required are in the attached DRAFT Statement of Work (SOW).

The scope of the work is to complete semi-annual and annual maintenance, and repairs when necessary on equipment located at NDC locations to ensure the proper function of each.  CBP currently owns four (4) forklifts at this location.  It is possible that more forklifts will be purchased in future.

It is anticipated that the type of contract will be a competitively awarded Firm Fixed Price Task Order.  This RFI is issued for informational and planning purposes only. The information will be used in conducting market research to identify qualified, experienced, and interested potential business sources in support of the Governments requirements.  This is not a Request for Quotation (RFQ).  It is not to be construed as a formal solicitation or an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products or services. The information requested by this RFI will be used within CBP to facilitate decision making and will not be disclosed outside of CBP/DHS.  Any information provided to the Government is strictly voluntary and will be provided at no cost to the Government.

The purpose is to identify potential qualified businesses that can provide services to CBP in accordance with the attached DRAFT Statement of Work (SOW).  The DRAFT SOW is subject to change prior to a formal solicitation release.  The Government reserves the right to decide whether a small business set-aside is appropriate based on responses to this notice.

Any Capability Statement submitted should include information and technical background describing your firm's experience within the last three to five years specifically with work similar in scope and complexity to meet the Government’s objectives in accordance with the Draft SOW, and primarily should identify if your company is able to service CBP forklifts located in Indianapolis, IN.

Vendors are encouraged to submit the following highly desirable information in response to this RFI:

  1. If the capabilities statement includes a discussion on relevant experience, provide the applicable contract number/task order number, final contract price, and project location with a brief description of the project.
  1. Describe your company’s level of experience with performing work like the types described in the Draft SOW.
  2. Describe your company’s ability to provide both scheduled maintenance and unanticipated repairs.  Please include your on-call response times for repairs.
  1. Will you be able to take on an additional forklift(s) if CBP purchases more in the future?  Would this impact your pricing?
  2. Please describe the certifications held by your employees that will meet the requirements of the SOW.
  3. Are you able to charge a monthly fee on a firm-fixed price basis?  Maintenance?  Repairs?
  4. If not, what pricing structure would you recommend?  Maintenance?  Repairs?
  5. Do you have a General Services Administration’s contract for the requested services?

Vendor responses to this RFI with generic material only such as brochures, advertisements or other generic material is highly discouraged.  No questions will be entertained at this time.  Contact with Government personnel, other than those specified in the RFI, by potential offerors or their employees regarding this requirement is not permitted.

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION ANNOUNCEMENT OR REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS AND NO CONTRACT WILL BE AWARDED FROM THIS ANNOUNCEMENT; however, it is the Government’s intention to issue an RFQ for the products and services listed within this Fiscal Year, FY2021.

All interested Contractors shall respond by April 30, 2021.