Federal Highway Administration
Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division
Sources Sought Announcement No. 693C73-21-SS-0009
Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center Project VA ST TFHRC 50(5)


ISSUE DATE: March 25, 2021
DUE DATE FOR RESPONSES: April 27, 2021 2:00 PM EST 
SUBMIT RESPONSES TO: Mr. C. Shawn Long at eflhd.contracts@dot.gov  



This is a Sources Sought announcement and is for information purposes only.  THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS, QUOTATIONS, OR BIDS.  NO SOLICITATION IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.  The purpose of this announcement is to determine the availability and capability of qualified sources to rebuild the pavement test lanes at the Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center located in Fairfax County, Virginia that were originally built in 1993, and to improve the infrastructure of the surrounding area for enhanced capability and use.  The project primarily consists of: 1. Reconstructing the pavement test lanes; 2. Reconstructing an existing asphalt paved surface; 3. Paving a large gravel pad; 4. Utility improvements; and 5. Drainage improvements surrounding the site.  Reconstruction of the pavement test lanes includes building 5 below grade multifunctional concrete barrier walls (each 150 ft. in length), and installing a series of subsurface pipes with valves to control water saturation in some of the pavement test pits.  The following list summarizes many key aspects of the project: 

1) Pavement Test Lanes Reconstruction  
o    Removal of the existing 12 test lanes. The approximate area of the 12-lane pavement test field is 150 ft. x 150 ft. The typical section of each lane is 4 in. of asphalt concrete supported on 22 in. of crushed aggregate base.   
o    Construction of 11 pavement test lanes (approx. 150’L x 13’W) including 5-below grade concrete barrier walls to create distinct pavement pits to facilitate surface drainage, instrumentation cable management and experimental elevation reference.  The 11 test lanes will have 4 different pavement test pits separated by the concrete barrier walls into 3-3-3-2 lane sections. Construction of the barrier walls will adhere to strict tolerances (including elevations) necessary for the success of the planned experimental objectives and long-term use of the facility.    
o    Pavement design will be provided by TFHRC including material specifications and depths. Assumed total depth of each pavement structure will be 20 inches. Each pavement pit and lanes will have a unique design consisting of various base and asphalt material. Work will include the use of cement treat bases and construction of inverted pavements. The job will include the placement of many unique asphalt mixes and acceptance will adhere to strict material specification criteria, thickness and compaction tolerances, and other QC/QA requirements. Compaction of the material will include the use of intelligent compaction equipment. Asphalt test patches will be required to unsure the calibration of paving equipment.    
o    Placement of aggregate and asphalt material in each pavement pit and associated lanes will be phased to permit the installation of instrumentation by TFHRC research staff.  Care during construction must be followed to minimize any damage to instrumentation devices and connecting cables.
o    Pavement Lane widths may vary based on site constraints and/or proximity to barrier walls.  TFHRC to confirm during PE.

2)    Existing Asphalt Paved Surface Reconstruction
o    The work includes reconstructing approximately 16,000 square feet of existing asphalt paved surface in the vicinity of the Geotechnical Test Building and the Pavement Test Laboratory to the west of the test lanes. 
o    Drainage improvements.
o    Work includes the removal of existing asphalt, recondition the existing base material and resurfacing with average thickness of 4 inches of new asphalt. 

3)    Paving Large Gravel Pad
o    Asphalt paving approximately 5,950 sq. ft. gravel pad. 

4)    Utility Improvements: Electrical, Water, Sewer and Instrumentation facilitation
o    Electrical improvements.
o    Remove existing electrical panels.
o    Construct new 480-volt electrical panels and connections to existing electrical supply.
o    Water improvements.
o    Remove existing water spigots.
o    Construct new water spigots and connections to existing water supply.
o    Sanitary sewer improvements.
o    Reconstruct sanitary sewer (owned by TFHRC) that is in conflict with construction.
o    Instrumentation. 
o    Construct utility trench between pavement test lanes and pavement test laboratory.
o    Utility trench should be accessible for staff to lay and adjust cables for future projects.

5)    Drainage Improvements
o    Reconstruction of the swell between the pavement test lanes and main parking lot.
o    Re-grading the ground surrounding the newly reconstructed test lanes to match the new elevations.
o    Construction of drain system on the north edge of the new Pavement Test Laboratory.      
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division (EFLHD), anticipates awarding a construction contract no earlier than October 2021.  The project is expected to fall within the price range of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

QUALIFIED PRIME CONTRACTORS shall submit the following information by e-mail to EFLHD.Contracts@dot.gov (Attn: Mr. C. Shawn Long) no later than 2:00PM (EST) on April 27, 2021:

1.  A positive statement of your intention to submit a bid for the solicitation as a Prime Contractor containing your full business name, address, point of contact, phone number, e-mail address, and web site (if any).

2.  Your firm’s size standard under NAICS code 237310; Highway, Street and Bridge Construction ($39.5 Million).  All firms should be certified and registered under the NAICS code 237310 in the System for Award Management (SAM) located at https://www.sam.gov/.

3.  Identify all applicable classifications for your firm such as:  large business, small business; woman-owned small business; certified 8(a) small business; small disadvantaged business; certified HUBZone small business; SDVOB small business; etc.  This information must be provided to determine whether the "Rule of 2" has been met for any socio-economic category for set-aside purposes.  DO NOT SEND COPIES OF YOUR SAM PROFILE.  Please note that the size of a small business firm includes all parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, etc.  Refer to the Code of Federal Regulations 13 CFR 121.103 for information on how the SBA determines affiliation and 13 CFR 121.108 regarding the penalties for misrepresentation of size status.  

4.  Offeror's ability to perform at least 50% of the cost of contract performance effort with its own workforce.

5.  Offeror's capability to perform a contract of this magnitude and complexity, comparable work performed within the past 5 years, including a brief description of the project, customer name, timelines of performance, customer satisfaction, and dollar value of project.  If a member of a joint venture (JV), the offeror should include relevant information from both members of the JV.

6.  Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code and DUNS Number.  If a member of a joint-venture (JV) or mentor-protégé agreement with the SBA, please provide information on both members of the JV.

7.  Please provide your current per contract and aggregate bonding capacities.

RESPONSES TO THIS SOURCE SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT SHALL BE LIMITED TO 5 PAGES, single-spaced, with font size 12 or larger using Times New Roman or Arial.  Page margins no smaller than 1” and page size shall be no greater than 8.5” x 11.”  Submission shall be provided in electronic format readable and searchable by Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.  Do NOT submit marketing material, slide presentations, or technical papers.  Do NOT submit resumes. 

Please reference “Sources Sought Announcement No. 693C73-21-SS-0009 for Project VA ST TFHRC 50(5)” in the subject line of your email.