This is a Performance Based Work Statement (PBWS) for Facilities Engineering: Operations, Maintenance, and Related Services defined under the scope of this contract. This PBWS describes the minimum requirements of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and acceptable outcomes to be performed by the Operations and Maintenance Contractor (known from here on as Contractor). All, or part of, the successful offeror’s Management Plan must be incorporated into the contract.

GSA seeks to establish a partnering relationship with the Contractor to accomplish the program objectives in this contract. The objective of the partnering process is to provide an effective problem-finding/problem-solving management team composed of personnel from both parties, thus creating a single culture with one set of goals and objectives. Partnering requires that both parties recognize and address those opportunities and challenges that must be confronted to help maintain the health of the Contractor/GSA relationship. The relationship is based on trust, dedication to common goals, and an understanding of each other's individual expectations and values. The team must utilize a facilities engineering and systems thinking approach to provide solutions from a global perspective. The outcome of this initiative is for GSA to leverage Contractor expertise to assist GSA in accomplishing these goals and objectives.

GSA intends to purchase Contractor provided technical and managerial expertise to assist in the holistic management of assets over the long term. This program strategy has taken the name “facilities engineering” and has proven to be a successful model resulting in efficient and effective management of assets while maintaining a lower overall cost of operations. The facilities engineering model is dependent upon an effective partnership with a highly skilled Contractor whose objectives are based on mutual understanding of the stated requirements and objectives. A higher level of effective communication between the Government and Contractor is essential for partnering and for this performance-based service contract to succeed, whereas the success of this contract is shared between the Government and the Contractor. More emphasis is placed on the Contractor’s self-management of quality, not the usual inspection by Government inspectors, although that is a part of this contract as well. All parties must act proactively to reduce service cost.

To establish a standard of facilities engineering practices, thought processes and problem solving throughout the model, GSA established a program philosophy rooted in “systems thinking” whereby the means and methods for providing building operations and maintenance are established through investigations, metrics, and feedback loops, and by establishing a partnership between the Government and Contractor to achieve joint performance objectives. The goal of applying systems thinking to facility management is to see that every action or decision in operating, maintaining, and retrofitting a building must result in an impact (financial, environmental, human resource, or any combination thereof), and to evaluate the “full circle” implications. Long term application of systems thinking throughout GSA has resulted in both Contractor and Government joint command of short-term and long-term cohesive management of real property assets.

GSA is committed to Federal leadership in the design, construction, and operation of high-performance and sustainable buildings. A major element of this strategy is the implementation of common strategies for operating and maintaining buildings. As a result, this contract requires the Contractor to participate and partner with the Government in the initiative of obtaining high performance and sustainable operations, inclusive of initiatives to conserve energy and water consumption, recycling programs, meeting or exceeding specific environmental, regulatory, or performance standards, and the utilization of green products and services. The following sections detail the GSA minimum requirements and acceptable outcomes. The Contractor must closely monitor all aspects of the work, identify deficiencies and implement corrective action, without reliance on Government oversight.

The Contractor must provide management, supervision, labor, materials, equipment, and supplies (shipping & handling) and must be responsible for the efficient, effective, economical, and satisfactory operation, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repair of equipment and systems within the property line, except as otherwise noted for the Zorinsky Building in section C.2.21, of the following locations:

NE0036ZZ Roman L. Hruska U.S. Courthouse

 111 S. 18th PLZ, Omaha, Nebraska, 68102-1303


 NE0051ZZ Edward Zorinsky Federal Building

1616 Capitol Ave, Omaha, Nebraska, 68102-4908

Additional services may be ordered at the discretion of GSA for work relating to the operations, maintenance and repair or upgrade of the facilities listed above, but not covered in the basic services of the contract.