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The Portland VAMC is seeking Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), or Small Business sources capable of meeting the requirement listed below. The acquisition will be accomplished using commercial item procedures in accordance with FAR Part 12.
Minimum Salient Characteristics:
Staff lead will include the following:
The radiation protection must provide posterior protection of .25mm lead equivalency thickness and allow for staff to choose anterior protection of .25, .35, .5mm lead equivalency thickness.
Velcro name tags included for each staff lead vest and apron.
Colors will be Black with gold trim.
Vendor must visit the site in order to provide sizing services for individually tailored radiation shielding outfits. Each outfit must be specifically tailored to each person and not measured to be fitted into standard sizes. See attachment A for measurements provided by the Burlington Medical vendor representative. If another vendor is selected, the vendor must have their own representative come and re-measure all the staff.
A total of 75 staff lead are to be obtained and include the following staff breakdown:
Nursing and Techs has 43 Personnel
Anesthesia has 19 Personnel
Surgeons has 13 Personnel
Staff can choose between front + back one piece or front and back two-piece radiation shielding outfits.
The option for lumbar support and or suspenders if applicable per type of radiation shielding will be provided.
Staff can choose thyroid shields with magnetic, Velcro or clip closures.

Community lead are standard size radiation shielding outfits used for guest and will include the following:
One piece with front, back and side coverage known as the euro apron .
Posterior protection of .25mm lead thickness equivalency and anterior protection of .5mm lead thickness equivalency.
The outer color will be gender specific:
orange with black trim for males
green with gold/yellow trim for females
The inner color will be specific to size for both the male and female aprons:
Sm purple
Med- flag blue
Lg dark green
Xlg Maroon
2Xl black
Maternity pink

The apron will be embroidered with guest in black.
Thyroid shields will have a magnetic closure.
Control number are to embroidered inside the radiation shielding PPE and will include the size for example B-1A-Lg
The gender specific lead must accommodate for size and shape for males, females and pregnant females and must meet the following criteria:
Protect female body with protection, coverage and accommodation of female breasts, lymph nodes, axilla, and front neck
Contours to female waist and hips to minimize weight
Quantify of community lead per size and gender:
Female S
Female M
Female L
Female XL
Female XXL
Men S
Men M
Men L
Men XL
Thyroid Shields

All radiation shielding PPE (community and staff) will have the following included:
The outer layer of the lead PPE must be fluid resistant, wipe-able, antimicrobial, have antifungal properties and can withstand up to 10,0000 ppm of bleach.
Grommet holes placed on each piece of radiation shielding PPE on the right lower corner of the vest/aprons/skirts and back strap of the thyroid shield to accommodate the Portland VA inventory system with no effect on the warranty.
The radiation shielding PPE will have temperature regulating inner fabric that can absorb, store and release excess body heat and proactively manage the build of heat and moisture reducing perspiration and increasing comfort.
Inventory/control number will be embroidered inside each radiation shielding PPE.
VA operative care division embroidered on the outside of each radiation vest and apron.
VA seal/logo sewed on the pocket of each vest and apron.
A 5-year manufacturer warranty that covers material and workmanship defects.
Thyroid shields will be physically tethered to the vest or apron.
Pocket located on the top left chest.
Free alterations if the vendor representative notified within 30 days.
Normal wear and tear repairs with a charge up to 5 years.
4. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 339113. Any SDVOSB, VOSB, or Small Business firms who wish to identify their interests and capability to provide this product must provide product specifications, performance, and delivery information by notifying the Contract Specialist no later than 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, April 16, 2021. Notification shall be e-mailed to Ladell Holmes, at
Any vendor who responds to this Notice must provide credentials to perform the requirement as outlined in the below scope.