Sources Sought

The purpose of this Sources Sought Announcement is for market research to make appropriate acquisition decisions and to gain knowledge of potential qualified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB), Small Business Manufacturers, other Small Businesses interested and capable of providing items requested, as well as any large businesses.

The intended contract is a firm-fixed price contract.

A SBA Non-Manufacturer Rule Waiver will not apply if this requirement is set-aside for small business. It does apply to all other socioeconomic small business categories.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, NCO20 is looking for BRAND NAME or EQUAL sources of the following:

moorVMS-LDF DUAL CHANNEL Laser Doppler Blood Flow and Temperature
Monitor. Price includes probe clamp for calibration, user manual and
mains lead. moorVMS-PC Demo Pack provided if full version not purchased.
Includes Installation CD, USB lead and user manual. Probes ordered
separately – X1 PFS (calibration fluid) supplied with 1 or 2 probes. 5 year

The equipment must meet the minimum of the following:

Essential/significant physical, functional, or performance characteristics.
The system must be of laser doppler design.
The system must be designed for monitoring rodent blood flow and temperature.
The system must comply with surgical, medical and clinical grade regulations and standards of manufacture. The system must employ DSP technology.
The system must be a portable, lightweight module.
The system must support simultaneous protocol control of pressure cuff, iontophoresis and skin heating modules for reproducible blood flow provocation as well data acquisition.
The system must provide standard and custom protocol reports.
The system must allow Single and dual channel laser Doppler monitoring options.
The system must allow for the combination of modules for a multichannel system with software support for user-direected configurations.
The system must have a stacking case design.
The system must allow for storage of calibration constants within the individual probe.
The system must provide timed re-calibration reminders. The system must have inbuilt temperature measurement for skin probes.
The system must have a high contrast, backlit LCD display.
The system must allow Microsoft Windows software. The system software must provide analytical features and automatic report generation.
The system must provide analogue output (0-5V, BNC) and digital (USB) real time data.
The system must provide multilingual training.
The system must include 5 year manufacturers warranty.
Potential contractors shall provide, at a minimum, the following information to

1) Company name, address, and point of contact, phone number, e-mail address, and DUNS.

2) Please identify your company s size in comparison to the anticipated North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 339113 SURGICAL APPLIANCE AND SUPPLIES MANUFACTURING. To be considered a small business your company must have fewer than 1,000 employees. This notice is to determine the marketplace for this specific requirement. Please check one of the following:

[ ] yes [ ] no Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
[ ] yes [ ] no Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)
[ ] yes [ ] no Small Business Manufacturers
[ ] yes [ ] no All other Small Business (SB)
[ ] yes [ ] no Other than Small Business

3) The Government is not obligated to nor will it pay for or reimburse any costs associated with responding to this sources sought notice. This notice shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation or ultimately award a contract, nor does it restrict the Government to a particular acquisition approach. The Government will in no way be bound to this information if any solicitation is issued. Notice to Potential Offerors: All Offerors who provide goods or services to the United States Federal Government must be registered in the System Award Management (SAM located on the web at It is desirable that any Offeror to have completed their business Online Representations and Certifications Application in the System for Award Management (SAM).

4) Any Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses or Veteran Owned Businesses who respond to a solicitation on this project must be registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise VetBiz Registry located at

5) Only authorized representatives/providers of the manufacturer will be considered. Equipment must be new, no used or refurbished equipment accepted. Please provide a proof of authorized dealer or reseller letter from manufacturer.

6) This is a brand name or equal requirement. As such, the salient characteristics reflect the physical, functional, or performance characteristics that equal products must meet to satisfy the Government s needs. To be considered for any potential solicitation, offers of equal products, including equal products of the brand name manufacturer, must:

(a) Meet the salient physical, functional, or performance characteristic specified in this sources sought; clearly identify the item by Brand name, if any and make/model number.

(b) Include descriptive literature such as illustrations, drawings, or a clear reference to descriptive data or information available that identifies that the equal item meets or exceeds the salient characteristics required by the Government.

Responses are due by 4/13/2021 17:00 am PST, to the Point of Contact.

Shipping Address:
VA Puget Sound Healthcare
1660 S Columbia Way
Seattle WA 98108

Point of Contact:
Steven Brunmeier
Contract Specialist