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This combined solicitation/synopsis is posted in accordance with the Simplified Acquisition Procedures in FAR part 13 and will be evaluated in accordance with the procedures outlined there.

This solicitation is set-aside 100% for Service-Disable Veteran-Owned Small Business. Only businesses verified and listed in the VA s VIP database will be eligible for award.

All offerors should complete the solicitation document fully, to include pricing information and clause fill-ins and/or check boxes. Failure to do so may result in the offeror being considered non-responsive to the solicitation and ineligible for award.

For any questions regarding this solicitation, please contact SHERYL HARRIS, Contracting Officer, at

Please see the attached solicitation document and statement of work for detailed information regarding the services requested.


Service: ___Clean Side T-Cart Repairs__________________

Technical (List of ALL required technical requirements for the vendor)
Contractor must provide documentation showing ability to provide equipment listed in accordance with specifications listed in the salient characteristics document.

Past Performance
The Contractor should Identify Federal, State, and local government contracts and private contracts, and should describe the past experience of the company in providing the same/comparable equipment as specified in this solicitation within the past three (3) years. Provide a list of three (3) references pertaining to those contracts including name, address, contact person, and telephone number that can validate level of performance. Offerors with no relevant performance history will receive a neutral rating.

The Government shall evaluate the offeror s reputation for quality and past performance.  By quality and past performance the Government means the offeror s reputation for conforming to specifications and to standards of good workmanship; the offeror s reputation for adherence to contract schedules, including both technical and administrative aspects of performance. The Government shall evaluate quality/past performance on the basis of information that may be obtained from the Offeror, such as previous commercial and Government contracts.
NOTE:  An offeror without a record of relevant past performance or for whom information on past performance is not available will be rated as neutral.
Each factor will be rated as Acceptable or Unacceptable as defined below. 
As defined by the below:
All of the required minimum acceptable criteria are clearly met by the proposal.  The offeror s proposal meets the performance and technical capability requirements defined in the SOW.  Once the proposals have been determined to be technically acceptable , award will be based on cost/price only.
Not all of the minimum acceptable criteria are met by the proposal. An unacceptable proposal contains one or more deficiencies. Proposal fails to meet specified minimum performance and technical capability requirements defined in the SOW.