This is sources sought for replacement C-Arm as described below. The equipment is brand name or equal, list below with item detail. To be considered to receive a solicitation for quote please submit a product brochure for clinical consideration as an equal product if it is not brand name. This is not a solicitation, responses to this notice will be used as Market Research only. Please respond to no later than January 20, 2021 @ 11:00 AM EST if your company can supply this product. Please provide your Dun and Bradstreet number and socio-economic status if you are interested in this acquisition. It is the intent of the government to solicit and award this contract if possible to an SDVOSB. Carefully consider the brand name or equal product prior to submitting your interest in this acquisition.

1 EA Part Number Qty Product Description:

S7005SG 1 OEC EliteT CFD 21 cm Digital
Mobile Super C-arm PMCare (Pain
Management Care Platform with up to 8
fps Cine) with OEC Touch OEC EliteT
CFD 21 cm Digital Mobile Super C-arm
PMCare (Pain Management Care Platform
with up to 8 fps Cine) with OEC Touch
OEC ELITE CFD: PM Care Software
Includes: Real-time digital
subtraction (DSA); reference image
hold; peak opacification; 8 fps cine
with recording/playback rates of 4 and
8 fps; and frame-by-frame review 21 cm
CMOS Flat Panel Detector (CFD): High
image quality at low dose with a CMOS
crystalline structure flat panel
detector; tri-mode imaging
capabilities at 21 cm, 15 cm, and 11
cm; easily removable grid; and
integrated laser aimer Super C-arm:
Designed to enhance C-arm movement and
positioning capabilities: low-profile
X-ray tube for large field of view;
radial dial color coded brakes; full
length handles along C-arm; manual
adjustment of lateral rotation,
Dynamic Range Management (GDRM);
Minimal Difference Spatiotemporal
noise filter (MDST); noise filter with
on-screen indicator; automatic and
manual digital brightness and contrast
control; negate mode; save/auto-save
feature; swap/auto-swap feature; last
image hold; 40,000 image storage;
preset imaging profiles: General,
General HD, Pediatric, Orthopedic,
Spine and 9900; and multi-functional
footswitch and handheld controls Image
Viewing: Incredible detail displayed
with 32″ (81 cm) 4K UHD color display
with anti-glare and touchscreen
capabilities; Viewing versatility with
articulating monitor display for
optimal viewing with travel of 45″
(114 cm) horizontal, 17″ (43 cm)
vertical, 27″ (67 cm) forward, and 5°
up/ 5° down tilt Workstation with
Intuitive User Interface: SmartConnect
start up; ergonomically designed
handles and low friction wheels;
multi-purpose image directory;
integrated DICOM interface;
room-in-use indicator interface;
examination list and customized
patient information Dose Management:
Selectable modes can be used alone or
in combination and include standard,
HLF, pulse, low dose, digital cine
pulse and digital spot; on-screen
PreView Collimator; Smart Window;
radiation dose structured report
(RDSR) and X-ray dose summary X-ray
Generator and Power Management: 15 kW
power from standard wall outlet;
patented generator battery buffer
design; power monitoring with
on-screen display; controlled shutdown
process; accidental power loss
protection with a 20 second battery
back-up power to workstation and C-arm
Connectivity: Multiple ports
including: ethernet, room interface,
video output, video input, USB
Security: Linux based operating
system; password protection; blank
screen function; deidentify patient
information Warranty: One-year
warranty OEC Clinical Excellence: Up
to 3 days of in-service training by
ARRT certified Clinical Imaging
Specialists (CIS) during warranty
period; entails up to 8 hours of
training per day, provided from 7am to
5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding
holidays; post-training skills
assessment; radiographers may be
eligible for CE credits approved by
the ASRT; includes all CIS travel
expenses; additional on-line training
materials will be provided for future

S7006AZ 1 Wireless DICOM, Touch,
Without SIM, Point of Sale Usage, OEC
Elite Wireless DICOM