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Optos Silverstone Retinal OCT


VAPHS currently has an older model Optos Monaco for Retinal OCT Screening that keeps failing and out of warranty. With the repair cost of the system this requires to upgrade to the newer model Optos Silverstone. The Optos Silverstone is used for Retinal Screenings and tracking disease. We have an older Model Optos Camera, the Silverstone is an upgraded model that will alleviate and current failing functions that keep occurring on the old model. Without a working Retinal OCT Camera this will cause veterans to have to be fee based out to civilian facilities at VA cost


University Drive C Building #1, at Pittsburgh VA Medical Center- University Drive (646) Pittsburgh, PA 15240-1003, hereby referred to as the Pittsburgh VAMC (646), is seeking the acquisition of (1) Optos Silverstone Retinal OCT.

Item Code
The only ultra-widefield retinal imaging device with integrated, UWF-guided swept-source OCT, Silverstone produces a 200° single-capture optomap image in less than ½ second and enables guided OCT scanning across the retina and into the far periphery. Silverstone offers the following benefits: UWF with integrated swept-source OCT, facilitates detailed examination of the retina-vitreous to sclera, UWF guided, swept-source OCT, images pathology anywhere on the optomap. Silverstone OCT Imaging: Swept Source OCT, wavelength 1050nm, A Scan rate up to 100k cycles, active eye tracking, automatic scan position. OCT scan types: line scan widths (6mm, 14mm, 23mm), volume & high-density volume scans (height: min 3.5mm, max 9mm, width: min: 6.0mm, max (14mm). Silverstone offers practitioners the additional functionality of ultra – widefield autofluorences (fa – blue laser 488nm) + indocyanine green angiography (icg – infa red (802nm). The interweaved angiography functionality enables parallel capture of fa and icg images. Silverstone model provides simultaneous non-contact pole to periphery views of more than 80% or 200 degrees of retina in a single capture. Non-mydriatic high resolution images from the central pole to the periphery can be taken in under a second, through 2 mm pupils and many cataracts. The device produces: color images by using red and green lasers with each wavelength providing information for interpretation and diagnosis. (Green 532 nm), (Red 635 nm) Ultra-Widefield autofluorescence imaging (Green 532nm) Ultra – Widefield autofluorences. (fa -blue laser 488nm) Indocyanine green angiography (icg – infa red 802nm). The interweaved angiography functionality enables parallel capture of fa and icg images. Silverstone device comes with the OptosAdvance browser-based image review software, which allows for simple documentation, monitoring and referral processing to assist in patient management and improved patient flow; VistA compliant and DICOM compatible. 1 year of full service is included in the purchase price. ADA wheelchair accessible table included. Silverstone imaging modalities: optomap, optomap af, optomap fa, optomap icg and swept source OCT scans.


The Contractor/ Vendor must complete the following tasks to meet the needs of this acquisition:


Combined UWF (200d) fundus imaging and image guided, Swept Source OCT
Single image captures 82% of the retina (927 mm2)
Single capture covers 200d of the internal surface of the retina
Single capture image reaches beyond the equator showing vortex vessels and ampullae
Ultra-widefield (200d) image capture in less than ½ second
Montage image shows up to 97% of the retina (1166 mm2)
Ellipsoidal mirror with virtual point technology enables maximum imaging field of view
Clinically validated color imaging proven equivalent to color fundus photography for pathology detection (1)
Multiple wavelength color imaging provides color, red-free, choroidal, and true-color views with a single capture
Ease of use validated in multi-site clinical studies (2)
Proven to enhance clinic flow (3)
Proprietary software presents images in a consistent geometry that accurately represents anatomical features across the retina and allows for accurate measurements across the retina
Auto-capture capability
Non-mydriatic, cSLO technology images through 2 mm pupil
cSLO technology images through most cataracts
Light source wavelengths: red 635 nm, green 532 nm, blue 488 nm, IR 802 nm
DICOM compliant as per the DICOM Conformance Statement
System is listed on the VA s VistA Imaging Approved DICOM Modality Interfaces list found at:
Able to perform fundus autofluorescence (AF) with green laser
Able to perform fluorescein angiography (FA)
Able to perform indocyanine green angiography (ICGA)
All functions (color photo, red-free photo, choroidal imaging, AF imaging, FA, and ICGA) are included in a single compact system
Includes alignment software to ensure that pictures are taken in the same place each time and that images in the same place taken with different modalities and/or on different dates can be accurately overlaid for clinical comparison
Includes image overlay software for accurate comparison of images from different days and in different modes
Includes HIPAA compliant, browser-based image review software
Includes image measurement tools
Capable of stereo disc imaging
Capable of combined FA and ICGA capture
System includes an automatic, wheelchair accessible table
Powered via connection to standard AC outlet (100 to 240 V)
System requires minimum maintenance
System is field serviceable and can be routinely maintained by VAHCS engineering personnel
Warranty included

The Government and the Contractor understand and agree that the services to be delivered under this contract by the Contractor to the Government are non-personal services and the parties recognize and agree that no employer-employee or master-servant relationships exist or will exist under the contract between the Government and the Contractor s employees.


The identified POC and technical representative for this acquisition is:

Name: Andrea Thomas

Phone Number: 412.360.6722


“No Government personnel, other than the Contracting Officer, have the authority to change or alter these requirements. The COR shall clarify technical points or supply relevant technical information, but no requirements in this scope of work may be altered as a sole result of such verbal clarification.”


Delivery confirmation of equipment and commodities will be made through the Logistics Department of the VAMC Pittsburgh (646). This will include documentation of receipt and assignment of a facility based EE number for identification and tracking purposes.
Delivery confirmation of non-equipment/ commodities acquisitions is the responsibility of the receiving Facility and/ or Service.

Request for Information Instructions

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Obtained an individual or class waiver?

If you are a large business, do you have any designated distributors? If so, please provide their company name, telephone, point of Contact and size status (if available).

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Please submit your capabilities in regard to the salient characteristics detailed above and any information pertaining to equal to items to establish capabilities for planning purposes?

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This RFI will be conducted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 13. Telephone responses will not be accepted. Responses must be received via e-mail to no later than, 03:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on April 2, 2021. This notice will help the VA in determining available potential sources only. Do not contact VA Medical Center staff regarding this requirement, as they are not authorized to discuss this matter related to this procurement action. All questions will be addressed by the Contracting Specialist, Allan Tabliago.

All firms responding to this Request for Information are advised that their response is not a request for proposal, therefore will not be considered for a contract award.

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