This is a request for SF330s, not a request for fee proposals.
The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code is 541330, Engineering Services, which has a size standard of $16,500,000 in average annual receipts; NAICS Code 541320 which has a size standard of $7,500,000 in average annual receipts. This announcement is being competed as a 100% Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business set-aside (SDVOSB).
This contract is being procured in accordance with the Brooks Act (Public Law 92-582) as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6. Firms will be selected for negotiations based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work.
Contract Information
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Construction & Facilities Management (CFM), National Region proposes to obtain the services for facilities support, design, project management , maintenance of design and construction standards, historic preservation services, and design and facilities expertise to the Department of Veterans Affairs to deliver high quality, cost effective facilities in support of our Nation’s Veterans. Professional multi-disciplined Architect/Engineer Services to include, but not limited to: code review; site investigations; analysis; design; preparation of specifications and drawings; preparation of cost estimates; construction period services; preparation of as-built record drawings; site visits during construction; safety; industrial hygiene; fire safety and Construction Document review; Pre-Construction Document Technical Studies, Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control. This VA office administers major projects for the VA in the Western Region. A major project is defined as a project over $20,000,000. The firm(s) selected need to have an experienced multidisciplinary design team in either the governmental or commercial sector for projects of this magnitude or larger.
The intent is to award a minimum of 13 contracts and a maximum of 15 contracts for the region; however, the number of awards may vary dependent on the interest shown. This contract will have a base period of one (1) year and (4) four one-year option periods at the discretion of the Government. The minimum guarantee amount for the base period is $ 1,000, with a maximum amount of $50,000,000 over the life of the contract period. The determination of acquisition strategy lies solely with the Government. All firms are cautioned to review the restrictions of FAR 9.5 Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest and 36.209 Construction Contracts with Architect-Engineer Firms. Any A/E firm that has provided design services for a project will be restricted from participating in any construction contract or task order for that individual project.
The National Region includes VA stations and activities located throughout the United States and its territories. However, this A/E IDIQ contract may be utilized by contracting officers throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Task orders will be negotiated as firm-fixed priced awards in accordance with the IDIQ awarded rates. Each task order will include a deliverable schedule. In accordance with FAR 52.216-19 — Order Limitations the minimum order shall not be below $2,500 and the maximum single order shall not be greater than$20,000,000. If remaining capacity falls below $2,000.00, the Government will consider the contract complete.
To be eligible for contract award, a firm must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. Representations and Certifications must be completed electronically via this site as well. Register via the SAM Internet site at or by contacting the SAM Customer Service at 1-866-606-8220. All firms will be required to comply with Veteran Affairs Acquisition Regulation 852.219-10, VA Notice of Total Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside ( Firms must also be registered in Veterans Information Page (VIP) database ( at the time of SF330 submission, the time of award, and at the time of task order issuance. Additionally, firms must provide the type(s) and amount of insurance along with insurance carrier(s).
SF 330 Evaluation Criteria
SF330s will be evaluated on each of the criteria factors listed below. Each factor will be assigned an adjectival rating. The factors are listed in descending order of importance. The subfactors are of equal importance within the factors. Firms will be evaluated in accordance with FAR 36.6 procedures and the Brooks Act.
Submissions must follow all the requirements of Standard Form 330 (REV 8/2016), OMB Control Number 9000-0157 (SF 330) and the Individual Agency Instructions below. If there is a conflict in the instructions, the SF 330 instructions shall apply.
Awards will be made to the firms determined to be most highly qualified if fair and reasonable prices can be agreed upon.
Technical evaluation factors:
Factor 1 Professional Qualifications:
Factor 1, Subfactor a, Key Personnel Professional Qualifications: Resumes of qualified personnel should be presented in Section E of the SF 330 for the following Key Personnel: architect, structural engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, structural engineer, fire protection engineer (registered with evidence of successful completion of Fire Protection Examination), geotechnical engineer, land surveyor, historical preservation engineer, and environmental engineer, project manager, cost estimator, and scheduler. Registration or certification for all is encouraged and may be more favorably rated. All key personnel shall be shown on the organizational chart. No substitution of key personnel will be made without advance written approval of the Contracting Officer after he/she has reviewed the proposed replacement s experience and qualifications record submitted by the firm with an explanation of the necessity for the change. Follow the contract substitution clause for replacement of individuals.

In Part 1, Section H (Additional Information), submit a matrix for the proposed design team that contains the following data about the member s assignment: members name, firm name, office location, proposed team assignment, percent of time to be spent on this team, education level/discipline (example: Bachelor of Science, mechanical engineering), state(s) of professional registration, number of years of professional experience, and number of years with the firm. Also, for project managers and team leaders, identify the number of teams (design, consultants and joint venture partners) they have managed over the past five years.
In Part 1, Section E (Resumes of Key Personnel Proposed for the Contract), Block 19, Relevant Projects, sub-block(3) for the Specific Role, for each of the five Relevant Projects on the resume, include a detailed description of the specific services provided for the project demonstrating the key personnel experience, e.g. stating simply Electrical Engineer is not considered an acceptable description of services.

Factor 1, Subfactor b, Firm s Professional Qualifications: The firm or team must show the proposed team successes working together for the firm and the firm s involvement working on those projects. The qualifications must demonstrate reputation and standing of the firm and its principal officials with respect to professional performance, general management, and cooperativeness.  Firms shall provide qualifications that are relevant and recent to the A/E IDIQ Tasks described in this announcement Task Groups. List any awards received and industry recognition received.

Factor 2 Specialized Experience and Technical Competence: Using the A/E IDIQ Tasks included in this request for SF330s, provide a description of five relevant, recent projects, with clients, for which the team members provided a significant technical contribution. Work on these projects must have been in the last five years (2015 2020). Indicate how each project is relevant to the A/E IDIQ Tasks described.

Factor 3 Past Performance: in Part I, Section H, provide relevant and recent (the past five years, 2015 – 2020) Past Performance information for a minimum five examples for work related to the A/E IDIQ tasks listed in this request for SF330s. Include project name, location, initial design dollar funding limitation, final construction cost, and project point of contact with telephone number and email address. Projects shall have started design in 2015 to present; include current client contact information, design due date, actual design completion date and final cost estimate, the construction contract award amount (note whether bid or negotiated).
Factor 4 Capacity: in Part I, Section H, Prime firm and sub consultants must demonstrate capacity to accomplish the work in the required time and the ability to adhere to schedules. The Prime A/E firm must demonstrate that it is able to provide A/E Services to a VA facility in the National Region.
List current projects being designed in the firm s office
Describe experience in successfully delivering projects per performance schedule, providing timely construction support, and successfully completing multiple projects with similar delivery dates.
The A/E shall provide details of all of its current work (public/private) including the duration of the contracts, and how it anticipates on taking on additional work required by CFM.
Factor 5 Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Participation: The SDVOSB must include with the SF330, a summary of how the offeror plans to comply with VAAR 852.219-10 and not pay more than 50% of the amount paid by the government to it to firms that are not VIP-listed SDVOSBs. This should include what key personnel, by discipline, are proposed to be employees of the firm, and those that may be provided by subcontractors.
Factor 6 Location: This factor considers Geographic Proximity. For the purpose of this A/E IDIQ base contract, successful firms shall be located in the United States and its territories.

A/E IDIQ Tasks
General Notes:
Unless otherwise stated, the requirements/standards of the VA Technical Information Library (TIL) shall apply.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Provide code consulting, assessment, evaluation, and inspection service utilizing experts skilled in appropriate technical areas necessary for the analysis and/or evaluation of building designs, existing VA facilities and/or necessary studies.
DELIVERABLES To be determined on a case by case scenario but may include but not limited to the following: The end product includes reports and data involving the investigation and evaluation of the VA facilities inspected and/or provided materials.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: – Provide services for the preparation and/or review and analysis of a program for design that delineates the functional and physical parameters that define project specific requirements and constraints and address the client s priorities. The program for design process may require revision if the project goals are changed. Development of the program for design will be in accordance with Department of Veterans Affairs Space and Equipment Planning System, Space and Design Guides, Manuals and other requirements as listed in the TIL.
DELIVERABLES The final product will be the program for design submission and/or evaluation of reports, documents, cost estimates supporting the program for design prepared by the Contractor.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Provide all services for preparation, planning, evaluation, review, and recommendations for all architectural and engineering discipline calculations, specifications, reports, systems analyses, drawings, and cost estimates meeting the approved space program, and program for design in accordance with the A/E Design Submission Program Guide PG-18-15. Services may include site visits to VA facilities and meetings with Office of Construction and Facilities Management (CFM) personnel in Washington, D.C.
DELIVERABLES The schematic design submission shall meet the requirements of PG-18-15.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The preparation of Design Development (DD) documents consisting of updated drawings, specifications, and supporting documents and calculations meeting the approved scope and space program. The DD s will be developed from the approved schematic documents and in accordance with A/E Design Submission Requirements in PG-18-15 and other guidance listed in the Technical Information Library. Site visits to VA facilities and meetings with CFM personnel in Washington, D.C. may be required.
DELIVERABLES The DD submission will meet the distribution requirements in PG-18-15.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The preparation of construction documents (CDs) consisting of complete drawings, specifications, and supporting documents and calculations necessary for the bidding and construction of the project. The CD s will be developed from the approved design development documents and in accordance with A/E Design Submission Requirements, in PG-18-15 and other VA directives in the Technical Information Library.
DELIVERABLES The development of the CD submission shall meet the requirements in PG-18-15.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Review, evaluate, and provide recommendations for all architectural and engineering designs, calculations, specifications, reports, system analyses, and drawing completeness and coordination. Evaluations shall be based on submission requirements established in PG-18-15 and the other requirements of the Technical Information Library. Services may include site visits to VA facilities and meetings with Office of Construction and Facilities Management (CFM) personnel in Washington, D.C. Develop a Project Definition Rating Index Score.
DELIVERABLES Review comments shall be recorded in the Dr. Checks program. Provide an evaluation report.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Review, evaluate, and provide recommendations on the cost estimate prepared by the A/E of Record as to the cost submission basis of cost, accuracy in quantities, and completeness based upon submission requirements of the PG-18-15. Evaluation shall include but not be limited to local labor rates, energy conservation costs, asbestos abatement costs, cost escalation, cost of operations, personnel requirements costs, manpower trade requirements and material costs timeline. Additionally, a verification of new gross area take-off may be required. Preparation of independent cost estimates and evaluation of mid-point construction costs and anticipated inflation rates during construction may be required. Participation in meetings with CFM personnel in Washington, D.C. may be required.
DELIVERABLES This task order requires submission of a cost estimate report by trade, material required, phase, and/or element.

Description of work: The evaluation, review and recommendation on all architectural and engineering disciplines’ designs, calculations, specifications, reports, system analyses, conformance with sustainable design criteria and thorough completeness and coordination based upon development of the final approved Schematic Plan. The services provided shall include the review, evaluation and recommendations based on the partial or completed set of construction drawings and specifications; provide recommendations regarding any other documents necessary for the bidding and construction of the project. The documents for evaluation will be provided by the Designer of Record A/E. The Peer Review A/E shall evaluate and ensure the coordination of the drawings between the disciplines, identification of costs, errors, omissions or conflicts found between drawings and specifications. Review and comment on project phasing. Evaluate market conditions that may impact bidding climate. Review any resubmitted construction documents with recommendations as to their acceptability in accordance with PG-18-15. Develop a Project Definition Rating Index Score. Evaluations will be based upon the submission requirements established in PG-18-15. Site visits to VA facilities for participation in reviews and meetings with CFM personnel in Washington, DC
DELIVERABLES Review, evaluate, and provide written recommendations based on reviewed construction documents, in accordance with PG-18-15. Comments shall be entered in Dr. Checks or similar program. Provide a written report with annotated drawing comments.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Provide services for the preparation of studies that involve a systems evaluation and/or report on the inspections of VA facilities to include but not limited to: site development, utility investigations, boundary, topographical , utility, geotechnical soil borings, parking, traffic, historical, environmental, vertical traffic, horizontal traffic, archeological, acoustics, vibration, aviation, weatherproofing, fire protection, commissioning, NEPA, Section 106, food service, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, medical equipment, physical security, operations security, signage, wind, Federal, State and local permit requirements. Offer recommendations regarding options to resolve challenges to project completion are to be included. Provide an analysis of existing and selected systems involving structural, electrical, HVAC systems, an evaluation of equipment proposed for VA facilities, and lab testing services. Perform a cost comparison of studies on building systems, renovation alternatives versus building additions or new buildings and develop studies to determine time analyses of different phasing alternatives.
DELIVERABLES Per contracting officer requirements.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Provide a review of the testing requirements and sequence, provide advice regarding the acceptability. Provide on-site quality assurance and control by witnessing performance tests of various types of structural, electrical, HVAC equipment, sprinkler, fire alarm, communication, and other systems integral to a fully operational building system. Prepare reports associated with on-site inspections or analyses of test reports. Review submittal material evaluate contract changes/claims, cost estimates, CPM schedules, and modifications, daily logs, and preparation/review of requests for information (RFI). Provide monitoring services for the return of submittals and other tracking services to assist the Senior Resident Engineer (SRE). Prepare reports associated with on-site investigations of materials, equipment and systems components, test performance, and operation in compliance with the contract specifications, drawings, OEM manuals, code requirements, etc.
DELIVERABLES The A/E shall provide test reports or product literature responses, cost estimates, and review of product submittals.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The A/E shall provide submittal review services covering products that many not have been listed within contract documents, including but not limited to cut sheets, manufacturers data/performance sheets, samples, shop drawings, which are beyond the services provided by the A/E. The Contracting Officer shall establish the length of the review period(s). Provide recommendation regarding a compatibility analysis of different materials and recommendations associated with acceptance or rejection of alternate materials and products.
DELIVERABLES Review of submittals will meet the requirements established by the contracting officer.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Perform all services for the preparation of documents for project book and/or design-build narrative in accordance with A/E submission instructions: PG-18-15, Volume E and other VA criteria listed on the VA Technical Information Library. Note: the A/E of this task order cannot be part of the Design-Build team and the A/E will not be the designer of record.
DELIVERABLES In accordance with the contracting officer requirements.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Provide consulting services and technical studies on a wide variety of facility design and construction issues including seismic studies, indoor air quality, national codes and standards review, cost estimating, facility operations, control of indoor air quality, hazardous materials inspection and remediation plan, impact of facility standards on building performance and facility life cycle, interoperability electronic standards for facility design, construction, operation, and project documentation. Services may require on-site inspections. Services may include the development of a Project Definition Rating Index Score.
DELIVERABLES Reports, studies and data development involving design, investigation and evaluation of the issues described under Work to be Performed.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Design programs for administrative and medical space which includes interior space planning furniture design and layout; and creating environmental graphic design of images. Necessary disciplines include architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, civil, landscaping, and other disciplines deemed appropriate by the contracting officer.
DELIVERABLES Design and construction drawings for medical and office buildings space to include equipment, furniture layout and wall graphics/art.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK – Acting through the Contracting Officer (CO) or designee, shall assist with the interpretation of the construction documents and make recommendation deemed suitable for the satisfactory prosecution of the construction work, shall prepare any supplemental drawings, specifications or other documents that may be required to clarify or supplement the construction documents, and shall assess the preparation of Construction Contract Modifications initiated by or through the VA to be executed in accordance with the Construction Documents.

The A/E shall review Government and/or Construction Contractor cost proposals for construction modifications, document his review and make recommendations accordingly, and shall prepare independent breakdown of costs.

The A/E shall review and evaluate Government and/or the Construction Contractor s shop drawings, detail drawings, schedules, descriptive literature and samples, testing laboratory reports, field test data and review the color, texture and suitability of materials for conformity with the design concept and construction documents. The A/E shall recommend approval, disapproval, or other suitable disposition, shall evaluate the submittals with reference to any companion submittals that constitute a system request resubmittal on related components of a system before acting on a single component, and shall notify the CO/SRE of all deviations from the requirements of the construction documents that he has found in the Construction Contractor s submittals.

The AE shall make periodic visits to the project site as and when requested by the CO/SRE. Frequency of visits shall be established by the Task Order but may include weekly, intermediate systems checks and inspections, partial final and final inspection and for special purposes as requested. Only registered design professionals thoroughly familiar with the project may make site visits. Services include witnessing performance tests of various types of structural, electrical, HVAC equipment, elevators, irrigation systems, fire alarm, communication systems and other systems integral to a fully operational facility, preparing reports associated with on-site inspections or analyses of test reports review of submittal material, and evaluation of contract modifications, cost estimates, daily logs, and preparation of requests for information (RFI).

Other services may include furnishing advisory or consulting services which are normal to such a professional contract and necessary to assure the proper functioning of elements of the Contractor s design and preparation of Record Drawings.

DELIVERABLES Deliverables shall be as identified in the Task Order. Delivery dates will be established by the Contracting Officer.

Preparation of drawings using BIM software
Comprehensive interior design
Operations and Maintenance Support Information (OMSI)
Physical security evaluation and design
Blast design and evaluation
Provide comprehensive hazardous material (e.g. asbestos/lead paint) surveys and provide a report that will support the removal, demolition, and disposal of the hazardous materials in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Energy Analysis and Studies
Structural evaluation and review
Risk Analyst Services
Construction Inspection services
Develop/Update/Revise VA s Research and Development Facilities Standards and VA Program Guides

SF330 Submission Requirements: Responses shall reference 36C10R210013 on the face of the envelope/packaging containing the SF330. Interested firms having the capability to perform this work must submit five (5) copies of the completed SF330 Part 1 for the Prime firm and five (5) copies of the SF330 Part II for the prime firm and all consultants along with 2 CDs that include the information. Include the firm s DUNS number in SF330, Part II, Block 4. The submission shall have a Table of Contents to include the page number and description, all sections must be tabbed, pages must be numbered, and follow the order listed below:
Cover letter
Tab 1
* Table of contents
Tab 2
* Organizational chart
Tab 3
* SF330 Part I, sections A, B & C
Tab 4
SF330 Part 1, section E, Resumes of Key personnel by discipline
Tab 5
SF330 Part I, section F & G
Tab 6
* SF 330 section H
* Additional information
Tab 7
* SF 330 Part II
The Table of Contents submission will show the page number that the reviewing team will find the requisite information. e.g. Page 5 Project Architect resume, Pages 40-55 Example Projects. The Offeror will use the following sample format:
Page 1 Cover
Page 2 Cover letter
Page 3 Organizational Chart
Page 5 Project Manager resume
Page 8 Mechanical Engineer resume
Continue this format throughout the submission.

Limit submissions to a total of one hundred twenty (120) 8 ½ X 11 (letter size) pages of text, a minimum 12-point type, with a minimum ½ margin all around and all pages numbered. Each sheet of paper (front and back) in the submission will be counted as two pages. The 120 pages includes the cover letter, SF330 letter, tabs, dividers, letter of transmission, front and back covers, appendices, attachments, enclosures, index, table of contents, pictures, reference letters, charts, graphs, maps, flowcharts, schedules, models, additional information, text, graphics, etc. The 120-page limitation applies only to the items listed above, and not to joint venture agreements. Joint venture agreements may be a separate document which is placed as the last section of submission.
The CD s and submittal package of five (5) copies of Parts 1 & II must be received not later than 3:00pm on February 25, 2021. Submittals received after this date and time will not be considered and will be handled in accordance with FAR 52.215-1. Emailed or faxed submittals will not be accepted. The NAICS Code is 541330 and the Size Standard is $16,500,000; NAICS Code 541320 which has a size standard of $7,500,000 in average annual receipts. Offerors must be registered in the SAM database and in order to participate in this procurement. Firms must also be registered in Veterans Information Page (VIP) database ( at the time of SF330 submission and time of award and at a time of task order issuance. Include contact name, phone number, and email address on SF 330. Submit the five hard copies of Parts I & II and 2 CD s, label lower right corner of outside mailing envelope with: A/E lDlQ Services 36C10R210013. The submittal packages to be sent to:
Athena Jackson
Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Construction and Facility Management, National Region
425 I Street NW
Washington, DC 20001