Mission Support and Test Services, LLC (CONTRACTOR) is the Management and Operating Contractor for the Nevada National Security Site. The CONTRACTOR provides critical and dedicated emergency communications capabilities for U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) Leadership in handling national and global emergencies. The Emergency Communications Network (ECN) is comprised of multiple domains (classified and unclassified networks), support personnel, and organizations. CONTRACTOR requires specialized support in order to enhance ECN operational availability, and strengthen CONTRACTOR’S capabilities in responding to dynamic and emerging requirements facing the ECN Program. This support plays a critical role in all phases of the ECN Program lifecycle including requirements management and compliance, configuration management, and documentation management.

CONTRACTOR is seeking sources who can provide the following:

  • Task 1 – ECN SharePoint Sites and associated NNSA Public Webpage on Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC) Spaces:
    • Manage the Primary ECN Program document management site at KCNSC Spaces (configuration development and maintenance of the Atlassian Confluence platform) and the secondary SharePoint instance on the NNSA Energy Information Technology Services (EITS) network (configuration development and maintenance of the Microsoft SharePoint platform).
    • Prepare portions of the information presented on the primary and secondary program sites publishing on the NNSA Public Website.
  • Task 2 – Requirements, Process, and Document Management Support for the ECN Program:
    • Identify requirements from DOE Orders, NNSA Policies, and subordinate policies and guides applicable to the ECN Program, and ensure requirements are implemented in program and project documentation.
    • Integrated and implement requirements in programmatic/project documents using document generation, update (comments, recommendations, corrections, etc.), technical document review, comment incorporation, editorial review, and preparation for signature and routing.
    • Provide fully responsive requirement and document management support to the Federal Program Manager/Project Director (FPD).
    • Develop and implement business processes designed to facilitate timely and accurate identification of requirements and development of supporting documentation.
  • Task 3 – Program and Project Management Support for the ECN Program:
    • Provide Project Management support to ECN Program subordinate projects including, but not limited to, the ECN Modernization Project, Phases II-VI (Carrier Ethernet); Beyond Line-of-Site; SIPRNet Interconnect; Office of Secure Transportation; Final, Fully Verifiable Denuclearization/Dawn Star projects; and other approved ECN projects.
    • Identify and implement improvements to streamline business processes that support the ECN Program’s unique emergency response mission.
    • Provide liaison support between the ECN Program and the emergency response community within DOE/NNSA, as well as other Government agencies.
    • Assist the FPD in the preparation of presentations, project documentation, and correspondence for various advisory boards, audits, and reviews.
  • Task 4 – Project Controls and Earned Value Management Support:
    • Review and analyze the Monthly Reports and associated Variance Report for validation and/or correction of cost and schedule performance.
    • Review statements of work, cost, and schedule estimates in support of the ECN Program Projects in compliance with DOE Orders, Policies, and Guides.
  • Task 5 – Cybersecurity Support:
    • Provide support for Authorization to Operate submissions, cybersecurity assessments, program reviews, documentation, and compliance.
    • Support configuration management for security controls and classification, and provide traceability and implementation verification.
  • Task 6 – Integrated Logistics Support:
    • Support the development of an overall Integrated Logistics Support framework covering Program-wide logistics/sustainment activities to assess general policies and procedures and their applicability to the entire portfolio of systems.
    • Review integrated logistics activities, establish a framework for lifecycle logistics requirements from top-level system requirements to lower-level requirements to help ensure consistency, correctness, and comprehensiveness.
    • Provide personnel with general familiarity in logistics development/support, cybersecurity, system availability/availability calculations, and operations and maintenance of systems will be valuable to meet the specific deliverables identified for complete development.
  • Task 7 – Daily Support to the Federal Program Manager/Project Director:
    • Provide daily onsite personnel at the work location of the FPD.
    • Location may be in one or both DOE Operations Centers, or the ECN Operations Center at the Remote Sensing Laboratory, Nellis Air Force Base to supplement ECN Program Documentation and Project Management Support Services and associated Emergency Operations functions.
  • Task 8 – Task Order Activities Report:
    • Generate reporting documentation necessary to monitor tasks including, but not limited to, bi-weekly activities reporting; accomplishments; and estimated task durations against actual task execution, man-hours, and burn rate.

In addition, SUBCONTRACTOR must have a Facility Clearance, or the ability to obtain one, and provide Q Cleared Personnel, at the commencement of the Subcontract award.

Submission Instructions:

Interested parties who consider themselves qualified to provide the above-listed services are invited to submit a response to this Sources Sought Notice by end of day, January 8, 2021.

Interested parties must provide a Capability Statement to include, at a minimum, evidence that clearly addresses each task and bullet above, that demonstrates the ability to perform these services as described above.

In addition, please provide the following:

  • Organization Name
  • Business Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Website Address
  • Telephone Number
  • DUNS Number
  • Business Size

Provide requested information no later than end of day January 8, 2021 to Lori Richinson via e-mail at: Richinla@nv.doe.gov.