The U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the bureau of record responsible for providing training opportunities in support of the Institute’s mission. The School of Applied Information Technology (SAIT) of the Foreign Service Institute is committed to globally providing the highest level of quality instruction to the Department's Foreign and Civil Service technology practitioners and professionals in information technology tradecraft, systems and security. SAIT’s Enterprise Technology (ET) division seeks to augment its classroom training with course specific online labs, delivered via the Internet.

The School of Applied Information Technology of the Foreign Service Institute is in search of a service provider to host Online Virtual Labs for its IT courses. The principal goals are for the vendor to provide SAIT/ET’s students access to SAIT dedicated labs, during class delivery as well as additional access after class.

This Sources Sought (SS) notice is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and is not a Request for Proposals or Quotes (RFP or RFQ) or an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any services. Responses to this SS are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. The Government reserves the right to determine how it should proceed as a result of this notice. Furthermore, entities that respond to this SS should not anticipate feedback with regard to submissions. The Government will not pay any cost incurred in response to this SS. All costs associated with responding to this SS will be solely at the responding party's expense. The information provided in this SS posting, including the draft PWS, is subject to change and is not binding on the Government. The Department of State, Foreign Service Institute is seeking to identify qualified and capable vendors to perform the work described in the attached Draft Performance Work Statement (PWS). Please carefully review the Draft PWS document and respond according to the directions on teh attached posting document. A mere restatement of government requirements from the Draft PWS is not sufficient to demonstrate that a potential vendor is capable of performing the required work. Rather, SS responses should provide sufficient and specific information to make clear to the government that requirements are understood and can be met by a potential vendor.