This is a sources sought notice for acquisition planning purposes only. No formal solicitation exists at this time. This is NOT a request for proposals and is NOT to be construed as a commitment by the Government.

All businesses, regardless of size, capable of providing these items are invited to respond to this announcement and submit a capability statement for consideration. Capability statements received will be reviewed to determine a firm’s previous experience performing similar work as well as their technical, administrative, management, and financial capability. The capability statements will be reviewed and used to determine an appropriate procurement strategy, in particular whether a set-aside is warranted or an alternate procurement strategy.

Information provided by industry in response to this announcement is voluntary. The Government will not pay for any information submitted in response to this sources sought notice.

The applicable North American Industry Classification (NAIC) code is 5416900-Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services and the Small Business Size Standard is $16.5 Million.

Proposed Project:

The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), Lower Colorado Basin (LCB), Multi Species Conservation Program (LCR MSCP) designs, creates and maintains land-cover on 5,940 acres in the Lower Colorado Basin Region to assure habitat for native species. The Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program (GCDAMP) provides organization and process for cooperative integration of dam operations, downstream resource protection and management, and monitoring and research information.

Reclamation’s LCB Regional Office is looking to identify contractors who possess the capabilities to provide services to conduct a variety of scientific activities for these two programs. Many of these activities include scientific peer review of information (documents, data, models, study plans, proposals, and other forms of scientific information); preparation and/or editing of scientific reports, site reports, study plans, monitoring plans, management plans; field visits; preparation and/or review of hypothesis testing field research studies; analysis of data; development and testing of scientific models; gathering and synthesis of information, literature or cartography; preparation of reports; and other science-related activities.

Reclamation is seeking sources with expertise at incorporating landscape level concepts to address complex ecological systems comparable to the habitat restoration and management needs of both the LCR MSCP and the GCDAMP.

Interested sources are welcome to submit a capability statement package to include the following information:

1. Capability statement – Firms believing they can successfully fulfill these requirements must provide supporting evidence to that effect in sufficient detail to demonstrate their abilities. The evidence must include past experience of the personnel and company in performing on projects where work was similar in scope and complexity.
2. Provide business name, address, point of contact, phone number, email address, and DUNS number.
3. Provide business size & type: 8(a), HubZone, Service Disabled Veteran, Women-Owned, Small Business or Large Business, etc.
4. The capability statement shall demonstrate that your company is capable of performing under a contract of this magnitude and complexity. Please provide a list of ALL RELEVANT projects (projects of a similar size, scope, and complexity of the proposed project are considered relevant), either Government or commercial, performed within the last five (5) years, with a brief description of the project; contract number, project title, dollar amount, timeliness of performance, and customer satisfaction. Include the customer’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and points of contact with phone numbers. Indicate whether or not you were the prime contractor, and, if you were a subcontractor, provide the name and point of contact information for the prime contractor. Include the percentage of self-performed work, how the work was accomplished, and the performance rating for the work.

All businesses are encouraged to limit responses to not more than 10 pages in length. The purpose of this notice is to gain knowledge of interest, capabilities and qualifications of potential contractors for solicitation planning purposes only.

All responses must be submitted via email no later than 12:00 Noon Pacific Time, April 15, 2021. Email address: Include the reference number (140R3021R0027) in the subject line.

When it is determined that a formal solicitation will be issued, a pre-solicitation notice will be posted on Contract Opportunities at