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Attn: Small Business Vendors

Subject: National Park Service Lake Mead National Recreation Area (NPS- Lake Mead NRA) Request for Information ¿ Sewer Force Main Replacement for Cottonwood Cove, Lake Mead National Recreation Area (Lake Mead NRA)


The NPS Lake Mead NRA requires contractor construction services to install a new sanitary sewer force main adjacent to the existing force main and tie into the existing system. The existing force main must remain in service during the installation until final connections are made. All associated force main connections, valves, saw cutting of concrete and asphalt, replacement of asphalt and concrete, testing and permits shall be included.

This project requires the construction services to remove the existing and out of service fire
hydrant standpipes located in the trailer village. There are 4 standpipes to be removed. This removal will include excavating the site, removal of the equipment up to the water main tap, disposal of equipment, backfill of the site and grading/paving of the disturbed area as

It is the anticipated that the Government intends to procure the requirement as a small business set-aside. The Government is seeking industry input through capabilities statements from small business vendors.

Interested parties should submit their response in either a .doc or .pdf compatible format
via email to Daniel Rosales, Contract Specialist at daniel_rosales@nps.gov. Please submit capability statements/draft statement of work feedback later than 0800 on Monday April 12, 2021. Submissions should be no more than fifteen (15) pages including cover sheet. The NPS Lake Mead NRA does not intend to respond to questions concerning this requirement at this time.

This RFI is for market research purposes only. It is neither a request for quotation/request
for proposal, nor does it restrict the Government as to the ultimate acquisition approach. The Government will not reimburse respondents for any costs incurred in preparation of a response
to this notice. This RFI is not a guarantee of a future solicitation, work, or contract.

Thank you for your consideration.

Daniel Rosales
Contract Specialist

Attachment: (1) Statement of Work and Construction Drawings