Sources Sought

Seeking highly qualified vendors capable of developing and providing Operational and Science Training Services
for a BSL-3 and BSL-4 Laboratory Environment currently under construction in Manhattan, KS.

Responsible vendors will have:

  • relevant operational and scientific experience providing training for both BSL-3 and BSL-4 bio labs
  • expreience with curricula development for highly specialized training
  • experience developing and delivering virtual reality based training
  • unfettered access to a mobile laboratory unit
  • the ability to meet all requirements outlined in the statement of work

If interested, please review the attached draft statement of work for details. If you are able to meet the requirements outlined in the statement of work, please provide a brief capabilities narrative outlining your experience and capabilities. Please include your DUNS number and repective business size under NAICS 611430 with a size standard of $12M.

Responses are requested by 01/25/2021 8am CST. All submissions and questions shall be submitted electronically in writing to the Contracting Officer Bob Zeglin at