The work includes Maintenance Dredging of Existing Pier 11 South Berth and Approach and New Dredging of Pier 11 South Berth Expansion. Maintenance Dredging of existing P11S Berth and Approach and Uncontaminated Material from the Berth Expansion Area shall be dredged via hydraulic cutterhead dredge and pumped directly to an upland cell of the Craney Island Dredge Material Management Area. Location of deposition within Craney Island Project Site is subject to change and should be coordinated with the Army Corps of Engineers before dredging begins. A portion of the Pier 11S Berth Expansion area contains sediment contaminated with Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL) material as shown on the plans. The POL contaminated material shall be dredged via clamshell bucket and disposed at an upland facilty as specified herein and on plans. Additional work as shown on the plans and specification shall be performed, including but not limited to, placement of sand and rip-rap armor stone layers along southern and eastern side slopes of Berth Expansion Area to cap disturbed POL contaminated material remaining in place and removal and disposal of debris remaining after the past demolition of steel sheet piling cofferdam break water and timber breakwater structures. Remaining debris may include steel sheet piling stubs and timber piling stubs, concrete rubble and rip-rap stone.